How to prepare healthy breakfasts and snacks

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In a world of faster and faster rhythms, we have less time to ourselves. With long working hours, high levels of stress and a lot of time invested in urban traffic, there are few hours that we have to take care of our body with exercises and a healthy diet. The options for eating out are mostly high-calorie, full of flours and fried foods. But with a little will, simple recipes and useful nutritional supplements like those of meritene, you can take care of your health and fitness.

We associate healthy eating with low-flavor protein, lettuce, broccoli, and other vegetables, and a complete absence of the sweet flavors that most of us rave about. But it doesn’t have to be that way at all. There are healthy and low-calorie dessert options, as well as rich supplements and protein shakes such as meritene chocolate, that replace a complete meal, with a really delicious taste.

If you are thinking of renewing your lifestyle habits, including simple and healthy recipes for your meals, that you can pack in your children’s meals when they go to school, or take in food for your work day, then we will present some easy and delicious options for you to get to work, with the richest and most creative breakfasts and snacks.

Easy and healthy breakfasts

How to prepare healthy breakfasts and snacks 2
  • Egg omelette with ham: One of the richest, easiest, fastest and healthiest breakfasts, is this option that includes eggs, some vegetables such as onion, a couple of slices of ham, and if you wish, a little low-fat cheese. Throwing the ingredients into a pan and waiting a short cooking time is all you have to do to enjoy this delicious and protein breakfast.
  • Honey oat pancakes: If you want a breakfast with sweet flavors, but that does not take you away from your healthy eating plan, this is a good option. You can make about two or three pancakes, with oatmeal, water, skim milk and a little honey or sweetener in the batter. When ready, you can serve them with low-fat cheese, turkey ham, or drizzle with natural honey.
  • Sandwich: If you are one of those who has little time in the morning before starting the day, this is a classic option. A couple of slices of high-fiber whole wheat bread, low-fat cheese, a slice of turkey ham and a few slices of tomato with a pinch of salt will make this a nutritious breakfast that will satisfy your hunger very well.
  • Green smoothie: If you are interested in making a small detox plan for your body, a rich green smoothie can work as an option for breakfast for a few days. A good recipe is one that includes chard, lettuce, flax seeds, powdered ginger, and a fruit of your choice, such as grapes, mango or pineapple.

Ideal afternoon snacks

How to prepare healthy breakfasts and snacks 3
  • Yogurt with fruit cubes: If you are one of those who suffers from hunger attacks in the middle of the afternoon, this fresh and healthy option will surely please you and it will generate a pleasant feeling of satiety. Make sure to buy a skim yogurt, and add pineapple or melon cubes that combine very well, generating citrus and sweet flavors.
  • Boiled eggs: It may not be easy to prepare them at the moment, but if you carry them in a box and keep them refrigerated, they will surely not cause you problems. We include this option as a snack because, although it is not the most practical, it is very healthy, since it is practically pure protein, which will feed you and satisfy your hunger, providing you with few calories.
  • Sweet appless: This is a simple option that you can do from the office, if you have a microwave. Take a red or green apple and cut it into pieces, sprinkle it with a little sweetener, add water and bake it for a couple of minutes. You will have a delicious dessert with very few calories.
  • Nuts: Among the most recommended snacks by nutritionists are nuts. Walnuts, almonds, raisins and peanuts are among the main ones. In addition to being rich in healthy fats, they have an important effect on the feeling of fullness. Now, it is important that you do not exceed their consumption, as they are highly caloric. A handful of them will be enough for a healthy snack.

Food is one of the most important factors that we must take care of when maintaining good health. And it is that that phrase that says “we are what we eat”, has a lot of truth. Excess unhealthy foods such as flour, sweets or fried foods, will only result in health conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, elevated triglycerides, heart problems, among others; while a balanced, healthy and natural diet will fill our body with the energy and vitality that we value so much.

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