How to heat a swimming pool without wasting electricity?

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In the Northern Hemisphere the good weather begins, summer is approaching, the girls put on the bikini, the boys the swimsuit and everyone goes to the pool and the beach. But … how can we extend the pool season? What can we do to heat our water without spending large amounts of money on air conditioning installations?

In this article we propose an ingenious and inexpensive trick that will help you heat your pools by a few degrees and in this way you can enjoy them for longer.

Heating the pool without using electricity

If you are a little “handyman” you will have no problem putting this interesting experiment into practice. You only need a few hula hoops (the amount will depend on the size of the pool), and a few meters of black polyethylene tarp (a very cheap plastic and easy to find).

The question is to cover the opening of the hula hoops with the black polyethylene canvas, you will only have to cut it to the size of the hula hoop and weld it with a little heat or glue it with a waterproof glue. (Below we leave the video tutorial on how to build them).

The result after having prepared a few Hula Hoops should look something like this:


As you can imagine, the black plastic canvas (or blue in the case of photography) collects the sun’s heat and transmits it directly to the water with little loss. This system can raise the temperature of your pool between 2 and 5 degrees depending on the amount of hula hoops you put. One of the advantages is precisely that you can vary the amount of coal hoops you want to put to raise the temperature more or less depending on whether it is a colder or warmer day. In addition, another advantage is that with this system it is not necessary to cover the entire pool and you can swim between them without problems.

Do you dare to try them?

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