30 Small Actions to Make the World Better

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How to improve the world we live in?

Although it is difficult for one person to make a better world alone, the small actions done by millions of people can make a big difference.

Who wouldn’t like to live in a kinder, more respectful and safer world? These small actions create great value and transform the people around us. In this article we offer you 30 ideas to achieve the goal of a better world. Do you share them?

30 Small Actions to Make the World Better

  1. Recycle; recycling is of vital importance not only helps to need fewer resources but also prevents the environment from being contaminated with excess waste.
  2. Take a shower instead of a bath; you will reduce water consumption and therefore the environmental costs associated with this consumption.
  3. Say hello and good morning; It does not matter that you do not know someone, when you enter a store, a cafeteria or even the elevator remember to say hello and say good morning.
  4. Smile; The smile is a very powerful weapon that can help relieve stress and will make the people you come across feel more comfortable and catch this smile.
  5. Help other people; There are hundreds of ways to help others, from accompanying an elderly woman carrying shopping bags to helping your neighbor with a home renovation.
  6. Put plants in your life; It does not matter if you live in the country or in the city, put plants in your life, take care of them and create small green spaces. No matter how small the plant is and how little it can do, it is helping to clean the air of carbon dioxide.
  7. Be respectful of nature; If you are in contact with nature, respect it and take care of it, both plants and animals. Do not litter and do not disturb other species.
  8. Don’t buy pets, adopt them.
  9. Lend or give away the things that you no longer use.
  10. Turn off lights and appliances when you’re not using them; you will save electricity and reduce the amount of carbon dioxide you release into the atmosphere.
  11. Dedicate part of your time to a good cause; from local causes to global causes we can all contribute our little bit.
  12. Spend more time with older people; Sometimes they can feel alone in these last years of their life, your company will comfort them and you can also learn a lot from them.
  13. Laugh; have a good mood and face life in a positive way. Laughter is contagious and its benefits are scientifically proven.
  14. Listen to people, let them speak and try to understand what they want to express. Everyone feels better when they feel heard.
  15. Give thanks and express your appreciation for all the things others help you with.
  16. Be patient and respectful with the elderly and all those who cannot keep up with you or who are causing you some discomfort inadvertently.
  17. If you see a tourist who is lost or cannot find what he is looking for, kindly help him to find it.
  18. Sponsor a third world child who does not have the same possibilities that you had to get ahead. Children are very vulnerable and you have to take care of them.
  19. Do not lose contact with your friends, send them messages, ask them how they are and stay with them whenever you can to share a little time.
  20. Drive responsibly, avoid the horn and yelling, and be a little more patient.
  21. On public transport, offer your seat to someone who may need it more than you.
  22. Donate blood, you can help save lives.
  23. Share your books and let people who cannot access them have the opportunity to read them.
  24. Give a hand to your coworkers who are more stressed.
  25. If you find a lost object, try to return it to its owner.
  26. Lend some of your money to projects like that will help people from underprivileged areas create their own futures.
  27. Plant trees; You can join tree planting campaigns and help with your work to reforest areas that are losing their trees.
  28. Be positive and convey that positivity.
  29. Help the homeless, sometimes a little food or personal hygiene products can improve their conditions to the point of helping them find a job.
  30. Defend those people who cannot do it for themselves and do not participate in abuses of any kind against them.

What do you think? Can you think of any more? Share it with us and don’t hesitate to put these actions into practice.

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