Tips and tools for effective presentations and conferences

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Communication experts know the importance and value of public presentations or exhibitions. Direct contact with an audience, with a group of students or with a group of potential clients requires effective tools. The power of public speaking is essential, but if it is supported by suitable instruments, the result can be significantly improved. That is why it is important to thoroughly analyze the scenarios and explore the possibilities offered by the market.

Tips and tools for effective presentations and conferences

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When preparing a public exhibition, one basic issue must be borne in mind: the first impression It is essential, and if we go to the appointment accompanied by good support, we will have already won some points. Companies such as, specialist in materials and business supplies, offer a wide range of articles to support conferences and presentations. Panels, murals, display cabinets, desks … are practical and easy-to-use elements that can be easily purchased online.

  • Flip-charts: These structures, similar to the classic blackboards with legs, are one of the most used during conferences and presentations, or when working on brainstorming. They allow you to label on them, place notebooks or attach magnetic elements and are manufactured in different models. Some have wheels for easy portability and others can be hung on the wall.
  • Panels: they are more robust and stable elements than the previous ones and are usually used to place specific or permanent information material. They come in different sizes and can incorporate wheels. Some models can be labeled or have a fabric upholstery to place pins.
  • Projection screens or panels: they are another very common element in conferences or presentations. It is important to think about the place where it will be used so as not to make a mistake in the size. Attention must also be paid to the luminance and reflection characteristics of light. There are fixed and mobile screens. The latter can be rolled up and are easily transported with the help of a handle. The screens can be used for projectors, overhead projectors or any other machine of this type.
  • Showcases: they are stable structures that are normally hung on the wall and are protected with glass. They serve to place permanent information.
  • Other accessories: An important complement to screens or panels are adjustable projection trolleys, equipped with wheels that can be immobilized. You also have to think about accessories, such as magnets, magnet hooks for hanging instruments, magnetic tapes or markers.

Facilitate message compression

The main objective of the presentation material is to facilitate the understanding of the contents and messages. They are reinforcement methods that complement the oral message with the help of images, charts or infographics.

The advantages are clear. Speeches supported by images help focus the public’s attention and they allow the message to spread more clearly. But not all content is worth it. For a support material to fulfill its mission, it must be prepared in an appropriate way, with a clear structure and without information overload. This point is especially important in the elaboration of the well-known power points, which we usually see in talks and conferences.

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