Mobile applications, the last great technological leap

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Communication technologies have substantially changed our way of life, the way we interact with others, have fun, learn or work, they take a course increasingly away from what was taken for granted and immovable just a few years ago. couple of decades.

Computers first, then Internet access, more recently smartphones and finally applications for these smart terminals, is the route, roughly, that the development of technologies applied to information has undergone.

In relation to this last great technological leap, thanks to which we can bring the internet with us and a multitude of digital solutions applied to real life, it should be said that a mobile application is nothing more than a downloadable program from virtual stores, such as google play store, which can be accessed directly from your mobile phone or tablet, and even from an MP3 player for the iPad.

To download any application from the Google play store you only need your smartphone to have the operating system installed Android and have internet access. You will discover a whole world of very useful applications for any activity in your daily life, from fun to sports, or helping the entrepreneur or the self-employed, among many others.

But without a doubt the most downloaded and used by far are the applications dedicated to instant messaging, such as WhatsApp, Telegram or Skype. And of these three, the one preferred by users is the unbeatable WhatsApp.

WhatsApp for smartphones, for PC and for iPad

WhatsApp for smartphones, for PC and for iPad

As we say, WhatsApp is the application that offers instant messaging services preferred by the public, present on different platforms for smartphones, such as Android, iOS, Windows 10 Mobile, Blackberry, Symbian and many others.

Since WhatsApp was acquired by Mark Zuckerberg’s company in 2015, forming part of the services offered by Facebook, the platform has not stopped adding functionalities, long gone are the times when it only offered the exchange of written messages.

At present, you can send audios, videos, photos, gifs, contacts from our list, the user’s GPS position … and more recently the possibility of saving and listening to voice notes before they are sent to your addressee.

All these new functions do nothing more than strengthen the application in the market, which has more than one billion active users per day, which implies more than 1.5 billion users exchanging 60 billion messages, it is therefore the app of most used messaging in the world.

This fact has motivated the next step, which is to adapt the application to the PC. With the web whatsapp you can chat with all your contacts from the web, regardless of their operating system. Even if Whatsapp web It has a drawback, and that is that the only compatible browser to use it is Google Chrome, and it seems that this will not change.

But as we say, it is possible to install it on any operating system, therefore, it is already a reality to be able to have WhatsApp on the ipad, and enjoy all its advantages. To execute WhatsApp in the iPad you will have to resort to running the desktop version of the web, in addition to already having an iPhone or smartphone with WhatsApp already installed.

We must also have the latest version of the application updated, enter settings and in the web whatsapp, then we can scan the code that will appear in the browser to start using this service, as with the web whatsapp for PC, if the mobile is not in use, the one on the Mac will not work, since the iPhone is used as an intermediary.

Other messaging systems, Facebook Messenger

Other messaging systems, Facebook Messenger

The main social networks have instant messaging service, of all of them the most used is the messenger of FacebookHow could it be otherwise, since this is precisely the network with the most users on the planet. East Messenger It works the same as any other messaging application, that is, for free and instantly, only it is applied from the Facebook platform.

The possibilities of this chat are enormous, since you can send messages to all the contacts in your private phone book or enter the numbers one by one as new contacts, directly in this application. Another of the functions that it has and that are the most attractive for young people is the possibility of creating groups to send the same message, chat together … it is ideal for groups of friends, associations, etc., you can put a specific name and photos representative.

Facebook messenger also allows you to record videos and photos directly from this application and send them easily and quickly to your contacts or upload them to the network. Likewise, it has the attractive shape of chat bubbles to warn you that there is a conversation in progress when you are using other programs.

The ones named in this article are the most recognized and used applications by the general public, but they are not the only ones, in a market as wide as that of instant messaging apps, there are still others that are gaining followers among users, since each one has a particularity that defines them and differentiates them from the rest of competing apps.

Just to name a few, we will start with Line and its particular emoticons, Spotbros, which adds a plus to privacy and storage, Telegram is also very careful with the privacy of its users, from China we are the only one capable of overshadowing WhatsApp, With more than 600 million users, WeChat makes its way strongly in this market, Wire specialized in visual themes, the original but updated BBM for Blackberry, Snapchat that deletes messages after a while, Microsoft’s Skype, whose great value lies in video conferencing, and others like Google Hangnouts or Viber come together, get strong and fight for their piece of the pie.

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