Being YouTuber: turn your hobby into a profession

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A few years ago to work making or producing videos there were studies such as audiovisual communication or image and sound that helped you to make the leap. Now there are those who are engineers, artists, economists, who have found in this platform to share videos their channel to echo, present their tasks, and even live from it without overwhelming technical knowledge. How is it possible? There is nothing like fighting to reconcile our talent and make it our way of making a living. YouTube appears to be one of the avenues to this end in itself.

Known is the phrase “Mom, I want to be a YouTuber”. The leading platform on the Internet after Google and Facebook has become the dream of many, and its appeal has renewed professions such as: singer, video producer, model, among many others. And in turn, it has given voice to other fields such as science and technology, which at first might seem somewhat unattractive, but rather monotonous and boring.

Thus, on YouTube you can see successful programs on science and technology such as this one by Gabilondo, on what the future of humanity will be like in 25 years. Therefore, while there are professions that are attractive in themselves to film such as those discussed above, they are no longer the only ones. There seems to be room for everyone on YouTube, hence its great potential.

How to be a YouTuber

And is that YouTube has a multiplier effect. In the past, before the explosion of social networks, singers, models, actors, among others, worked only for a concert, a play or for a catwalk, and they addressed a specific and limited audience. Right now, this leading platform for sharing videos on the Internet, relocates and internationalizes them in a matter of seconds. In short, that already virtual audience becomes a number not defined by some entries in a local, and even if the video is good it tends to go viral and the social network itself burns (it is said).

Some examples of youtubers of success

Precisely what is making YouTube so famous is what we have already repeated several times. There is room for everyone, and it has opened the world of videos to other possibilities for a few years now, as we discussed in this post. Since then, this tool has not stopped developing and more and more youtubers and users are benefiting from it.

Perhaps if your idea is to make a hole in this space, you are interested on the one hand, knowing how to make the leap in this channel with tips such as those given by 1and1 in this article dedicated exclusively to it, and on the other hand, knowing what kind of Themed or youtubers are the ones that are hitting hard. Curiously, the most famous youtuber in Spain is the ninth in the world, which is not bad, it is called ElRubiusOMG but it is not the only one as we see here. So do you want to be next?

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