7 Characteristics of productive people

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Do you know what the characteristics of productive people are? Productivity is one of the most important qualities on a professional and personal level. Being productive helps us do more in less time, allowing us to enjoy our lives much more by freeing up much of our time.

But how can we be more productive people? A good approach to achieve this is precisely by understanding the characteristics of productive people to imitate some of their behaviors.

7 Characteristics of productive people

1. They know their priorities

Highly productive people know what their primary priorities and goals are. We all have hundreds of tasks to do and it is therefore very important to determine which tasks are more important and which we can put off a bit longer.

Knowing these priorities will increase our productivity. Completing the objective tasks first is a way in addition to unlocking ourselves and not worrying about them, in this way we can work more concentrated on the rest of the less priority tasks.

2. They organize their day to day

An ultra productive person does not leave home without having an orderly day. They know what they have to do every day so they go straight for it while avoiding distractions. The night before or the same morning, they reflect on the tasks they have to do and create small to-do lists that they check off throughout the day.

Having a tidy day not only makes them more productive but also avoids the anxiety of believing that things to do are slipping from their minds.

3. They know how to say “No”

Recently we saw in the article “Learn to say no and live better” the importance of not accepting all the requests that we receive only to look good with the person who asks us.

Productive people know that to continue their level of productivity they have to reject many tasks and requests that do not add value to them. By eliminating these tasks from their day-to-day lives, they are able to extract much more time and focus for the tasks that really matter.

4. They use productivity and organization tools

These types of people use tools and applications that allow them to improve their productivity and organization. They are knowledgeable about all of them and always choose the ones that best suit their needs.

In an effective way we have talked on some occasions about productivity and organization tools such as trello for day-to-day or fintonic for personal finances.

5. They distribute their working hours correctly

People’s concentration is limited and productive people know it. That is why they organize their work schedules in a way that fully benefits from their maximum concentration.

There are several studies that show that people can rarely stay focused on the same task for more than 40 minutes and that is why experts recommend dividing long work hours into small chunks with breaks in between. In this way we give our brain the ability to relax in order to focus again after rest.

6. They never abandon their tasks

A productive person never abandons his tasks half done. If you decide to go with a task, take it to the end.

Abandoning tasks means having to pick them up again later, almost starting from the beginning. As you can imagine this is an unnecessary waste of time that productive people do not allow themselves. If a task gets stuck they look for a way to unblock it, refer it or subcontract it to a person who can help them.

7. Avoid Multi-tasking

Multi-tasking consists of doing several tasks at the same time. Many studies have shown that multi-tasking is a very little beneficial practice for our productivity since it makes us lose focus and concentration and in the end it costs us more to perform both tasks in this way.

It is best to follow a linear system in which each time you finish one task you move on to the next until you finally complete all of them.

And you? Are you a productive person? Start applying these tricks and soon you will end up being it.

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