5 ways to be productive without getting out of bed

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In this blog we have talked on several occasions about how to get up in the morning in an energetic way to be more productive but this time we are going to see how we can be productive without the need to get out of bed. Is this possible?

5 ways to be productive without getting out of bed

1. Plan the day

How about we take advantage of 30 minutes of comfort in bed to plan the rest of the day? If we wake up in the morning and have enough time, we can lie in bed and make a mental list of all the tasks that lie ahead.

Doing this mental planning of the challenges that we are going to face will allow us to be more productive the rest of the day since we will know exactly what we have to do at all times.

2. Read

Reading in bed is a great pleasure, it does not matter if you do it in the morning or at night, the point is that reading is a very beneficial activity for our mind and therefore spending part of our time in bed reading is a very good idea.

3. Meditate and relax

The comfort of the bed can help us meditate and relax. Meditation and breath control is an activity that has been shown in many studies to reduce levels of stress and anxiety.

If at the time of going to sleep or at the time of waking up we dedicate some time to meditate, we will notice a great improvement in our stress levels. It is necessary to have at least a few minutes a day a space for relaxation and meditation.

4. Write

Another activity you can do to be productive in bed is writing. It doesn’t matter what you write; be it a book, a diary or an article for your blog, writing can be done while comfortably in bed.

Writing has some interesting benefits such as memory development and creative ability as well as keeping the brain active and preventing degenerative brain diseases.

5. Check your emails

Every day dozens of emails arrive in the mail with commercial offers, newsletter subscriptions, work tasks or conversations with friends. If you want to stay a while longer in bed but still not lose your productivity, you can take advantage of checking your inbox to eliminate all those emails that do not interest you and respond to those that require a quick response.

Writing from your mobile is not the most comfortable thing in the world and therefore you can reserve the longest answers for when you get out of bed.

What other productive activities do you do without getting out of bed? Leave us your comment!

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