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Designing a logo can seem like a simple thing. But it is not easy, it requires creativity and some knowledge. When you design a logo there is a whole artistic and technical process behind it, until the final result is reached. Making a logo is a very important task and should not be taken lightly, as it will be the seal and the brand image of our company. The logo must convey values ​​and evoke emotions to those who receive it and that it will correspond to the intentions of the brand. But as we well know, sometimes we lack imagination, technique or even money to invest in a good logo designer. That is why there is a whole series of apps to create logos on iPhone or Android that will make it a little easier for us. Do not miss the list that we have prepared of free Apps.

Apps to design logos on Android

Logo Creator

It is a simple application to create logos, which fulfills its purpose if they do not exist logocreator

great ambitions involved. Quick and practical. The first thing to do after opening the logo design application is to choose the appearance of the logo, it has a somewhat limited choice but it can help us get out of the way. Once you have chosen the logo, you only need to write the text.

The App also generates a logo automatically that can be uploaded to Twitter or other social networks. Share your logo with whoever you want.

Quick Logo Design

This application is capable of creating a logo in just a few minutes. a good tool for those who do not usually use graphics. Allows you to create unique logos.

QLDIt has a large gallery of images where you can choose the one you want. It also has many types of fonts that allow you to increase the customization proposal.

Numerous templates and fonts, your work can be shared with all users.

Logo Generator & Logo Maker

Logo Generator is a professional studio that allows the user to create powerful designs for your business in a matter of minutes. The App facilitates everything that eLogo Generator and Logo MakerIt is necessary to create a logo, images, fonts and filters that allow you to create it in a few simple steps.

Logo Generator is designed to be intuitive and for everyone to be able to use the application for their purposes. In a few minutes you can creatively do everything you imagine.

PikPark: Graphics and Logos

PikPark is the first and only application that allows you to create custom graphic designs, share them with the world, and print them on more than 100 types of products (clothing, footwear, phone cases, household items, stickers, bags, etc.).

ThePirpark App has many of the tools and functions that we would find in complex graphic design programs, both adults and children of all ages can use and enjoy it.

Over 300 graphics, 55 fonts, your device’s photo album, and various editing tools that simplify creativity and fun.

Logo Creator & Graphics Maker

Logo Creator allows the user to design an unlimited variety of logos. Designs are created in the application using an overlay method. For emInsta Logo creatorTo start, you just have to choose a font from those available, a graphic or a photo from your device and add it to the art panel. Then using one of the 50+ editing tools to manipulate the layer you are working on or a new layer. Every graphic, typography and photo you add will appear in the art work panel.

Application available in 34 languages, so wherever you are from you can use it in your native language.

1000+ Logo Design

Logo Desing is an application designed to provide the user with the experience of creating a Logo100designlogo or symbol of your products. There are more than 1000 different logo designs that have been created by the experts and also allow to be modified with one touch. There are many features of this application, for example update every day, save work or even share it.

This application is not used to create a logo but it does to offer so many results that inspire the user to create their own.

Logopit Logo Maker

With Logopit Logo Maker you can make your own logo. Almost all services are free but there are also paid. The App has everything you need to get started. It only takes a few minutes to create your own logo in a couple of easy steps.Logo Maker

There are many options to follow. Do you want to create a brand? There are brand name generators that you can use. You can also create your company slogan.

Logo Maker & Logo Creator

Logo Foundry is a professional tool for developing logos and slogans for Logo Maker and Logo creatoryour business. Not everything that is offered in the application is free, there are paid services, but the download is free. It has numerous templates and options available to both novice and experienced users. Use different techniques to achieve varieties of results.

Logo Maker & Logo Creator

Not a professional graphic designer? No problem, this is thelogo maker and logo generator perfect app for you. Logo Maker is simple and intuitive so everyone can use it and make a powerful eye-catching logo. In a few minutes you will be able to make the most elaborate design without any experience.

Apps to design logos in IOS


logoscopicApplication to design logos from mobile, available on iOS. It is very limited in its edition but it does allow the use of hundreds of different templates.

Logos by Tweak

Logos by Tweak allows you to create logos professionally and at no cost. In just a few minutes you can have at your disposal a professional logo for your company or business.tweak

The App gives access to thousands of original logo templates, so you can choose the color and style you need. Not only does it serve as a logo creator, the App also works as a creator of flyers, brochures or other design materials.

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