What is a web hosting? | All you need to know

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If you are thinking of starting your own website or making the leap to a more powerful hosting, the question of choosing web hosting takes on special importance. You’ve probably heard the term before, but do you know exactly what it is? What types of hosting exist and which one is best for you? In Effective Mode we propose to solve your doubts. Then, all the information you need to know about the great unknown of web hosting.

What is a web hosting? | All you need to know

What is a web hosting and how it works

In short, the web hosting it is an online service that allows the publication of a website on the Internetas it requires much more than what typical domestic connections offer. Resorting to a hosting service, therefore, will basically consist of renting a space on a server where you can store the files and data necessary to guarantee the operation of your website 24 hours a day, regardless of the person who accesses it and the moment. in doing it.

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Your hosting provider will be the responsible for keeping the server running, protecting it from possible attacks and transferring your content to your visitors’ browsers. However, in addition to providing server space, hosting providers can also offer other services related to website administration, such as one-click software installation or automatic backups.

Learn about the different types of hosting: which one is best for you?

Most hosting providers offer a range of possibilities that adapt to the needs of different types of client, so you should make sure to choose the hosting plan that best suits your interests.

Keep in mind that the bigger your website, the more space you’ll need server. It is for this reason that our recommendation is that you start small and, as your site grows, you evolve to more advanced hosting. We present the most common:

1. Shared hosting

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It is the most common option, as well as the most basic, resulting in the quintessential solution for small businesses and blogging. It consists of sharing a server with other clients of your provider, with whom you will share all their resources, such as memory, computing power, disk space, among others.

Its main features are low cost, ease of use adapted for beginners (does not require prior technical knowledge), maintenance and administration are managed by the same provider. However, its main drawback is that increased traffic on other sites can slow down your own.

2. VPS Hosting (Virtual Private Service)

In this second option, you also share the same server with other users, although each of them has a separate partition that guarantees an amount of computing power and memory, without being affected by increases in traffic on other sites.

Is the alternative perfect for medium-sized companies experiencing rapid growth. Among its advantages are the possibility of customization and root access to the server, although you should also bear in mind that it is less economical compared to shared hosting and requires prior technical knowledge.

3. Cloud hosting

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The cloud hosting is currently the safest and most solid solution you can find on the market. What does it consist of? Your hosting provider provides you with a cluster of servers (that is, the union of several servers that work as if they were only one), replicating your files and resources in each of them.

Therefore, the moment any of the servers is busy or has a problem, your website traffic is automatically redirected to another cluster, guaranteeing continuous activity. Another of its great positive aspects is that it allocates resources on demand and that you pay for what you use. On the contrary, it should be mentioned that it is difficult to estimate costs and root access is not always provided.

4. WordPress Hosting

In the WordPress hosting your server is configured specifically for this platform, with installed plugins such as caching and security, predesigned templates, or certain useful tools. With this high optimization, your website will load quickly and present fewer problems.

Its biggest advantage is its low cost, although it is also worth mentioning the suitability for beginners who lack technical knowledge, WordPress installation in just one click and a customer service team. All this and much more, is what you can find in Hostinger, specifically in its WordPress Hosting.

5. Hosting with dedicated server

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In the last of our options, you will have your own physical and exclusive server for your website. The flexibility provided will be enormous, with complete freedom regarding configuration according to your own needs and the choice of operating system and software.

It is for this reason that its advantages include full control over server settings, the exclusivity of your resources, root access to your server and safe operation. On the other hand, and as you can guess, its cost is clearly higher and requires prior technical and server administration knowledge.

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We hope that the information provided has been interesting to you and that you already feel fully familiar with the term from now on. What are you waiting for to start your website? ­čÖé We recommend that you do not miss this selection of the 100 best YouTube channels in Spanish so that you can find inspiration on your topic and, as always, we encourage you to leave us a comment with all your impressions. What will your website consist of? Do you want to share with us any experience you have had with a hosting? We will be delighted to read you!

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