The more curious, the more productive

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Curiosity is something that all of us have. In adulthood many people lose it but it is undeniable that during childhood we are all curious. We have just come to life, everything around us is new, and like a sponge, we absorb everything to be able to face life. But this is not only a human thing, animals are also curious.

What does the science of curiosity think?

Curiosity leads us to want to know more and therefore we also meet people who are curious about curiosity. Currently there are several teams of scientists investigating how curiosity occurs in a person. For this they have studied hundreds of people using MRIs and it has been seen that every time a person is curious about something, two different brain areas are activated, one focused on motivation and reward, and another aimed at memory. This makes us think that curiosity is the brain’s mechanism to highlight information that is really worth remembering. Well, when we learn something because we want to, and not as an imposition, it is easier for us to remember it.

Curiosity and health?

Learning from the simple desire to acquire new knowledge is known to make memory work more accurately. To such an extent that we can say that being curious reduces the risk of contracting cardiovascular and neurological diseases. In 1996 a study was published in Psycology and Aging, where after analyzing more than a thousand adults for 5 years it was possible to see that those classified as “more curious” lived longer and with greater mental health.


Curiosity is productivity

As we have already seen, curious people enjoy better mental health because they constantly “train” their brain. This makes them smarter than the average because they have better analytical skills and easier problem solving. At the same time it makes them never satisfied with what they know. They always seek to learn new things that they can apply to their lives, becoming more productive in many aspects.

What does curiosity bring them?

Clear thoughts

They get to know each other perfectly, thus knowing where they want to direct their life. This allows them to set goals and put all their effort into meeting them.


They do not just accept things as they are shown, they look for the why and how, and by understanding how it works they are able to modify them to make them more efficient.


They are not overwhelmed when they see everything they have to do, because curiosity motivates them to do it without effort.

Proactive attitude

They see problems from different perspectives and look for alternative solutions to achieve their goals efficiently.


The ideas come alone, their mind is always active so any stimulus offers them infinite new possibilities.


They always find new things that will catch their attention and they will try to know

How to be curious?

If reading this you have realized the advantages that the curious have and you want to be one of them, here are some tips to be it again:

  • You must be open to everything, learn and unlearn. Take nothing for granted
  • You have to be interested in things. If learning new things does not interest you, this is not your thing
  • Open yourself up to others. Meet new people, be interested in them, their experiences, how they think. Get out of your comfort zone
  • He reads a lot, and most importantly, he reads mostly. Do not close only to certain topics, the more things you read the better.


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