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We are all aware of the importance that smartphones are taking on in our lives. A trend that, moreover, seems to increase day by day with the incorporation of new functionalities that never cease to amaze us and we remain speechless at the potential of a device as handy as a mobile phone.

For this reason, it is especially interesting that we pay the attention it deserves to your well-being. To this end, in Effective Mode we want to talk to you about TestM, an app that informs us at any time of the status of our smartphone, analyzing different aspects of it. We recommend that you do not miss TestM (you can download the App in the meantime, it is compatible with both iOS and Android), and then we will tell you why. Do not miss it! ­čÖé

TestM | The app that offers you a diagnosis of your mobile in a few minutes

As we mentioned, TestM is the definitive application for check that all the components of your smartphone are in optimal condition … In a matter of a few minutes! It is available in twenty languages, it is free and since its launch date (approximately half a year) more than two million users have downloaded and used it successfully.

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  • How does TestM work and why is it so useful?

If you are wondering how it works, you will be very happy to know that the process couldn’t be easier. You will have two options, among which you will choose depending on the time you have: a “Quick Test” that takes place in a matter of seconds and a “Complete Test” that takes just 5 minutes.

Will be made a series of interactive tests through which the operation of each of the components will be analyzed of your smartphone, from the screen, the sound and the camera to the hardware or the motion sensors. Based on the results, you will be given a complete diagnosis of the status of your mobile device.

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In this report You will be informed of possible failures and their source, which will be very useful on different occasions. For example in the following:

  • To make a routine monitoring of the status of your smartphone and thus always be prepared to face any error as soon as it appears, without giving it the opportunity for it to worsen or spread affecting other of its functions.
  • In order to face any trip or outing with ease, counting on the security that your mobile does not seem to leave you abandoned in moments that you may need it, such as to orient yourself with the GPS or make an emergency call.
  • In order to second-hand mobile sales and purchases. The diagnosis will work as a guarantee to ensure the optimal condition of the device in question, whether you are buying it (to make sure that the outlay is worth it) or selling it (to give your buyer enough confidence).
  • In order to save time and money on your repairs. In case you have to repair your mobile phone, you can provide all the information to the repairer, which will mean that they have to invest less time and, therefore, lower the bill.
  • In order to make sure nothing has happened to him after any incident. We all get a big scare if our cell phone, for example, falls off. And for the next few days we are as attentive as we are tense in the face of any possible failure. However, with TestM you can immediately check if the mobile has been damaged.

We hope we have made a great discovery for you and that in this app you will find a useful tool that will save you on more than one occasion. We are sure that it will be so! ­čÖé For the rest, we encourage you as always to leave us your impressions expressed in a comment. Have you heard about this application? Have you had any experience where it would have been essential for you to have it? Tell us, we will read you with great interest!

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