Increase the installation of video surveillance systems in companies and businesses

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The hiring of security systems has grown a lot in recent years, both for individuals and for businesses. This rebound is reinforced by the technological evolution that the sector is experiencing. Classic alarms, those white boxes visible to everyone’s eyes, have given way to more sophisticated systems that reinforce forecasting without giving up action; current alarm systems are managed by qualified personnel who know the action protocols for each of the situations that may arise.

Video surveillance is becoming the big star of security systems. It is a surveillance method using video cameras located at strategic points that are monitored from an alarm receiving center (ARC). Advances in the development of cameras and the improvement of internet services enable a wide range of these security services. The companies in the sector are adapting to the times and the varied hiring options seek to adapt to the demands of the clients. They have different packages in which users can choose to buy or rent the material.

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The success of video surveillance is supported by the many advantages and facilities it offers. The first step is to perform a specific study according to the needs of each client, something that specialist technicians are in charge of who know what is the most suitable for each case. The video cameras have different qualities and resolutions with the idea of ​​adjusting to the needs of each client. There are indoor and outdoor devices, fixed, to cover a specific point, or motorized, with a much greater field of vision that can reach up to 360º … in short, models to satisfy all requirements. The placement of the devices is carried out by professional installers to avoid failures and that there are no unrecorded points of view. The CRA, in which qualified guards work who ensure the safety of its users 24 hours a day, allow customers not to have to be aware of what is happening in their homes or businesses.

In case of be a incidence, these professionals are in charge instantly to verify if it is a false alarm or to notify the police if necessary. For those interested in checking their home or premises first-hand, there is the possibility of viewing the images in real time and from anywhere; all you need is a smartphone with an internet connection to send the signal to. The high-quality images collected by the cameras are stored for a period ranging from 7 days to 30 days in maximum security internet data centers in accordance with the Organic Law on Data Protection to safeguard the integrity of customers. but also your right to privacy.

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The hiring of security systems provides other advantages such as: reductions in the cost of insurance, since they represent a security bonus that does not go unnoticed by insurers; they provide evidence that may be definitive in legal proceedings and; have a great deterrent power. For things like this video surveillance systems are now more fashionable than ever.

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