Improve productivity. Discover the 6 key factors.

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Improve productivity has become today the priority of any organization. And the thing is, time is money and, if years ago what was sought was a good performance of the tasks of the employees, now it seeks to do it with less time. For this, it is not always necessary to spend large amounts of money. Rather, the key lies in analyzing what the company and our employees really need.

Therefore, companies must be aware of both the most influential factors in productivity and the best techniques to promote it. Here we will talk about some of the key aspects regarding productivity, as well as solutions to deal with the worst productivity brakes.

The 6 key factors to improve productivity

To sleep

As we already know, hours of sleep are crucial if we want to be productive. There is nothing worse than a tired mind. To improve productivity, experts recommend sleep 8 hours daily. Thus, we can be completely rested and full of energy for the next day. However, not everything is in sleeping the eight hours. How we sleep is important and for this, we bring you two serious tips:

  • Avoid screens. Let’s forget about sleeping checking email or social networks. The screens of the devices give off a chemical that keeps us awake. Therefore, despite having slept 8 hours, our body feels slightly weak.
  • Meditation. It is highly recommended to do meditation exercises shortly before going to bed. It helps to induce us into a state of calm and stillness, perfect for falling asleep in the best way.


The anthropologist Ludwig Feuerbach once said “we are what we eat”. And it is true, each and every one of the foods that we give to our body has consequences, therefore it is essential to avoid eating habits that decrease our productivity. Therefore, the first aspect to take into account to improve productivity is food. It has everything necessary to make us feel full of energy and vitality or, on the contrary, exhausted and anguished. Here we show you some of those that have been cataloged as the most powerful brain foods to improve productivity.

Factors to improve productivity

  • Chia seeds. They contain all the necessary protein to improve your productivity, since it keeps you focused and also helps reduce brain inflammation. We recommend consuming them in the morning, especially as a topic with a good bowl of oatmeal. Thus, we will be able to stay healthy and full until lunchtime.
  • Factors to improve productivityBlueberries. Improves memory, reasoning and learning skills. Three basic aspects to be more productive. In addition, gallic acid protects the brain from stress and degeneration. Another key food to eat during breakfast. We can accompany it with a small bowl of cereals.

Factors to improve productivity

  • Dark chocolate. The blacker the better. The amount of antioxidants in this food helps slow cognitive decline. Its high levels of caffeine help us stay focused throughout the day. To satisfy our sweet desire, it is best to chill a chocolate bar in the fridge and consume 2 to 3 ounces a day.

Factors to improve productivity

  • Water. As we already know, the benefits of water are extensive. However, we highlight its ability to improve blood flow and oxygenate the brain in addition to energizing brain cells. This translates into an increase in concentration and attention, essential if what we are looking for is to enhance our productivity. It is advisable to have a glass of water always in sight, and if we add lemon, better than better!

Factors to improve productivity

  • Avocado. It is the fruit with the highest protein content and with the least amount of sugar. Its fats favor the stabilization of blood sugar levels. In addition, the vitamin K that it provides helps to improve concentration. A simple recipe to consume this food is a toast with half a crushed avocado and a little olive oil. Delicious!

Factors to improve productivity

  • Carrot. Its high content of glucose, the brain’s main source of energy, helps reduce inflammation. It is the main food that helps to remedy memory loss. It is recommended to wash the carrots well but never peel them. That’s where most of the nutrients reside.

The holidays

Everyone deserves a good vacation. And, if we continually see our bosses traveling to the most remote island on the planet to sunbathe and drink some daikiris, we cannot expect our employees to be productive and work overtime in the meantime. That is, a certain equality within the workspace and motivate them with the emotional salary.

However, what we must control is that slow effect that is generated a few days before the expected holidays, where employees are subtly loosening their productivity under the pretext “the holidays are coming”. So, if you agree to offer your employees the vacations they deserve but you seriously fear the wow effect and don’t want it to harm your business; Here are two tips that can help to carry it out and therefore improve productivity:

  • Transmit the values ​​and philosophy of the company. In this way, we will ensure that employees feel part of it and therefore, that they visualize both short-term and long-term objectives, as their own objectives.
  • Generate a warm and trusting work atmosphere. So, even if the employees are excited about the upcoming holidays, we can give them a little wake-up call without offending them.


Are we more productive in summer or winter? Although it is hard to believe, the answer is that we are more productive in winter. And if we think about it logically, it has a lot of coherence. When the weather is bad, we don’t mind staying in the office working. However, when it’s a nice sunny day, we tend to want to go out and enjoy it, so we work reluctantly. They are few companies that take advantage of being more productive in winter And yet this can bring great benefits to the organization. One way to maximize winter productivity may be to offer long vacations during the summer. In this way, we restrict work hours only to winter and we will ensure that employees are more motivated and feel valued in the organization, committing themselves to the maximum with it.

The balance between life and work

This factor is one of the most undervalued in the field of productivity. There are endless companies that seek to optimize the productivity of their employees and yet do not pay attention to their personal lives. Therefore, while it is true that burdening our employees with excessive work can bring very short-term benefits, the long-term consequences outweigh twenty times more. And it is that, by burdening our employees with a lot of work we do nothing but create stress for them. A stress that in most cases they take home and is transmitted to the family, thus generating a state of general malaise in our workers. And not only this, but also, when discomfort is generated among employees, they tend to suffer from diseases with a greater possibility. Which ends up translating into casualties and a significant decline in the productivity of the organization. Some keys to improving the work-life balance of our employees are:

  • Ask our teams frequently asked questions. For this, there are tools such as TribeScale, where a series of daily questions are automatically asked that will allow us to know from the mood of our employees to their daily goals.
  • Provide free exercise classes. Yoga, Pilates or even crossfit for the most daring. It is more than proven that exercise is crucial to reduce stress in people.


Many of you will think that multitasking is the solution to productivity. And even more so in a context as globalized as the current one, where it is not strange to see people driving and talking on the phone at the same time, or university students studying and using their smartphones simultaneously. However, we only have to look at the results: unfortunately thousands and thousands of accidents occur every year due to the use of the telephone while we are behind the wheel. The same occurs with university students, who each year more say they have concentration problems.

Multitasking, therefore, is a harmful element to improve productivity since, not only does it cause us to perform our work in a mediocre way, but it is also really detrimental to aspects such as memory. We know that the day has few hours for those who do not rest a minute. However, multitasking is not going to save you from this. We must bear in mind that studies show that the brain can only focus on one task; two maximum. Therefore, if we perform more than two tasks at the same time, the only thing we achieve is to distract ourselves. So what can we do if we need to do a lot of tasks on a daily basis? The options are reduced or to prioritize and perform that most urgent task, or otherwise delegate work on other people. If this is not enough you can also try the task table. It consists of making a table in which the tasks that we must perform during the day are distributed in order to dedicate ourselves exclusively to a single task for 25 minutes. Of course, during those 25 minutes we must pay exclusive attention to our work and close our emails and forget about Facebook.

So far the most important factors with respect to productivity. Now, employees and bosses do not hesitate to share with us any experience, doubt or contribution on how to improve productivity.

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