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If you are involved in the world of advertising you will know that issuing an advertisement is something very expensive and that not all companies can afford it. What should a company do without resources to make itself known? Read on and you will discover the most reliable way to get free publicity on a large scale.

Save by advertising

How much does it cost to run an ad?

Advertising is not cheap. If we go to radio we see that broadcasting a 20-second spot costs between € 635 and € 10,995. But this is not all, in press, the price of half a page is between € 11,000 and € 32,650. On television, things are already skyrocketing with prices reaching up to € 250,000 per advertisement. Yes, you read that correctly, these prices are only for a single ad. For each emission of the same ad, you pay again. The high price variation is due to the fact that the impact of the spot is very different if it is broadcast at 7 in the morning or at 10 at night which is prime time (prime time). Also, not all channels ask for the same prices per spot… To all this add the price of producing the ad.

Free advertising

How do I get free advertising?

Publicity. That is the technique. It’s about making your brand stand out so that the media will talk about it. Yes, in a positive way. If your strategy is to perform a satanic ritual in the heart of Barcelona, ​​they will talk about you, but in a negative way and you will achieve an effect contrary to what you expected. The thing is to do something unusual in a place where no one expects it.

Free advertising

Big brands already use it as a strategy

To be clear I will put the best example that I can think of. Red Bull Stratos. The mission in which, thanks to Red Bull and a team of scientists, the Austrian paratrooper Felix Baumgartner broke three world records by jumping into the void from the stratosphere. Such a feat was all over the media. First it was announced and commented. Then the jump was broadcast live. Days later the subject continued to be talked about in all the media. What does this have to do with advertising? The Red Bull brand was everywhere, all the media were talking about it without paying them a single dollar. The investment that they would have to make to appear in all the media that appeared is so great that no brand is considering it, however, investing a lower amount of money, to be able to make the jump, they managed to make their brand visible all over the world .

Free advertising

Free advertising… in my company?

For advertising to be effective, you don’t have to do something as colossal as Red Bull Stratos, because not all companies can afford something like that. The important thing is to take an action that represents your company. In the case of Red Bull, they played with the slogan “Red Bull gives you wings” and reaffirmed its image as an energy drink for people who practice extreme sports. We must seek an action that is consistent with the identity of our company and that enhances its values ​​to the public. In this way we will get the media to speak well of us, and we will reach a lot of people, without having paid for it. This will make the message gain credibility as there will be no financial motivation behind the media. They will just talk about us for how well we are doing. In this way we will save advertising costs and build a strong and positive image.

Free advertising

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