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World’s fastest t-shirt folding trick

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Sure Many times you are lazy to fold the clothes because it takes a lot of time and is boringToday we will teach you a trick so that this is no longer a problem in your life. Keep reading and don’t miss these curious tips for fold t-shirt or polo shirt in less than 2 seconds.

World's Fastest T-Shirt Fold Trick

How to fold a T-shirt in less than 2 seconds

1. We spread the t-shirt or polo shirt on a flat surface.

two. We make two imaginary lines to determine the length and width of the shirt and we identify the points (A) in the upper part, just the intermediate point between the neck and the sleeve, the (B) right in the middle of the length of the shirt and (C) the bottom to the length of the shirt. As it appears in the video image.

3. We hold Point A, with the hand that is on the upper side of the shirt and Point B with the opposite hand and cross Point A at the top until we reach Point C, which we will also hold.

Four. Then, while holding the various points, we lift the shirt into the air and turn it by inverting our hands.

5. We use the table or flat surface, as a base, and we bring our hands to the opposite end of the shirt to finish folding it successfully.

Does it seem complicated? Well As soon as you have done it once, you will be able to fold your shirt or polo in less than 2 seconds. For a more visual explanation, don’t miss this excellent video.

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