Technology and sport, two areas increasingly united

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If there are two trends that have been gaining ground in our society in recent years, they are undoubtedly technology and sport. Technology is already part of our day to day and we use all kinds of devices and gadgets to which we are permanently connected. For its part, sports activity has grown substantially among the Spanish population in recent years and We already exceed the European average in terms of sports practice.

Together, sport and technology are increasingly united due to the birth of all kinds of technologies and devices that contribute to improve and enhance sports activity in recent years. Although so far 30% of athletes do not use any type of device, everything seems to indicate that in the coming years it will be common among all athletes.

Most successful technological devices in sport

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There are many devices that different technology brands have launched on the market in recent years. In any case, some of the most interesting are the ones shown below:

360 degree cameras

360 degree cameras have revolutionized the world of cameras and examples such as this 360 degree camera they are a clear example of the type of device that athletes around the world are using. This type of camera allows the athlete to record a global image of everything that happens around you while you practice sports recording landscapes, situations and achievements that are forever registered.

Among the brands of sports cameras stands out the new Gopro Hero 7, one of the action cameras used by athletes of all kinds of disciplines but especially by those who do sports in nature and in the open air such as mountain biking and even water activities, since it allows you to submerge it in water up to 10 meters deep. Without forgetting that allows transmission through social networks and even control by voice commands.

GPS for sport

Among the most interesting sports technology to emerge recently are sports GPS. These devices allow the user guide yourself clearly during a sports career avoiding deviations that harm their performance. In addition, the best gps have the possibility of tracing routes until reaching a certain point as if it were a GPS for vehicles. On this comparative of GPS it is possible to find some of the most successful on the market, especially among cyclists who are your main buyers.

But in addition to cycling, GPS is very useful for hiking. Hiking always has the risk of getting lost in an area where you have not been previously or that is not well signposted, something that GPS avoid. Also, with this Mountain GPS list in It is not difficult to find the hiking GPS that best meets the needs of each hiker.

Smart activity wristbands

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Smart watches or bracelets are also one of the most popular technological devices. This type of bracelets have very interesting functions for athletes such as heart rate measurement, the number of steps taken in a walk or the calories burned with physical activity.

Other higher quality wristbands offer even more accurate data and are used even by professional-level runners. Data such as accurate courses, altitude, recorded average and instantaneous speed or cadences are perhaps the most useful for professional athletes. What’s more, many of them have really elegant and innovative designs that allow you to wear it even when you are not practicing any sports activity.

These are just a few examples of technological devices that are bringing technology closer to the world of sports. Together, technology and sport undoubtedly contribute to improving the health of millions of people around the world as well as helping to improve the data recorded by athletes at a professional level. The use of activity wristbands, sports-specific GPS or modern 360-degree cameras, the truth is that technology manages to turn sports activity into something much more interesting if possible.

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