Office design that enhances worker productivity

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Can you really increase the productivity levels of your employees by redesigning your office?

All businesses would like their workers’ productivity rates to increase, but what really makes a difference? Is it true that a pet in the office reduces stress from the workers? Or maybe light levels have a psychological effect on employees. Some claim that, in lower light, a gloomy environment is generated that is detrimental to creativity and spirits.

The truth is that, despite the fact that architects have always insisted that design can have a great impact at the functional or aesthetic level, now there are multiple studies that corroborate the idea that certain characteristics of an office have a positive effect or negative on productivity levels.

Office design that enhances worker productivity

Office design that enhances worker productivity 2

It has become popular for workers to be advised to explore nature or the open spaces during their lunch hours to relieve some of their stress and momentarily get away from the work area, yet some wonder what would happen if the businesses could incorporate this into the office environment.

A 2014 study by the University of Exeter found that decorating an office with plants can increase productivity by 15%. The researchers examined the effects of green on staff perception of air quality, ability to concentrate, and satisfaction in the work environment and found that the existence of plants in the office significantly increased job satisfaction, concentration, and positive perception of air quality.


Another study, by Harvard University, concluded that improvements in environmental quality within the office (for example, decoration with plants) generated a doubling the grade achieved by workers in cognitive ability tests.

These findings are being put into practice around the world, including at Apple’s new headquarters in California. There are approximately 10,000 trees that have been planted around campus in an effort to give employees access to nature and thus raise their productivity levels.

Due to these types of studies, Spaces has joined Sprinklr, a company that specializes in the delivery of large, self-sustaining plants for offices in the Netherlands and Belgium. With the functional implications of having green and natural d├ęcor in the workplace, this union hopes to help occupants of those spaces feel less stress, be more creative and healthy, and, obviously, be more productive.


A Huffington Post article in 2013 named the 13 benefits of exercising. The main ones were: reduce stress, increase brain capacity, better memory, increased energy and greater creativity. All these benefits can be applied to the work environment.

Some companies have already used this knowledge and are giving their employees time to hit the gym at noon, for example. If this is your case, take advantage of it! Not only will it improve your health and help you control your weight, but it can also make you stand out from the crowd of staff.

Companies that always seek to improve the quality of the work environment of their employees now place different exercise machines around the offices. Some of the most popular gadgets in this area are the treadmill, ball chair, and weights. The hand gripper has always been a popular exercise item around the house and is now recommended to have in the office.

Likewise, there are innovative fitness machines that take up little space and are efficient, the ideal complement for the entrepreneur who wants to promote sport during working hours. For example, the Ab Coaster. This type of machine allows express exercises with great results in the abdominal area. On the other hand, vibrating platforms improve blood flow of a person’s body through constant automatic movements. That is, it allows physical activity without requiring an excessive waste of energy. These types of options have become very popular. This is due to the fact that the objective for employees to make use of this space is to promote a healthy lifestyle, but not to subject them to high pressure loads.

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