How to survive a dog attack

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Continuing with the survival category, today we bring you something quite useful: how to survive a dog attack. We do not always know how to act in the simplest situations, so if you already know how to survive a bear attack, why not know how to act in the face of a dog?

We started!

1. Be still

Something very important is to stay calm. Dogs will get upset if they see you nervous or nervous and will want to attack you if you understand that you are a threat. If you yell at him or try to attack him at first, you will only make him more furious.

2. Don’t look him in the eye or run

It is important that you move away from the animal little by little, avoiding eye contact and staying calm. If you start running or stare at him, he will see that you are challenging him and he will run after you until he reaches you.

3. Protect yourself

If the animal looks like it is going to attack, try putting something between the dog and you… Like a stick or a jacket to keep your distance and protect you.

4. Hit him

ONLY IF THE ANIMAL ATTACKS, you can hit it with a stick or throw a stone at its face to distract it and get away from it.

5. Give him an arm

It sounds strange, but you have not managed to make the dog attack, it is better that you ‘offer’ a limb to bite it and you can get rid of it with the other 3, kicking or throwing something with your free hand. It is not the most desirable thing but it will always be better that you throw yourself to the ground and you cannot defend.

6. Visit a doctor

If you have really taken a good bite because you have not been able to avoid the attack, visit an emergency center to disinfect the wound and control your vaccinations (especially tetanus) in case you need a vaccination.

And remember, first of all: caution. Do not approach unknown dogs and especially that are not watched by their owners.

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