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How to Peel a Pineapple Effectively

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What it is and why you should eat

The pineapple is a tropical fruit that is obtained during the winter seasons, although it can really be obtained all year round.
It is a very effective natural diuretic, it also contains vitamin C and prevents fluid retention, so it cannot be lacking in a good diet.
You can eat it raw or in syrup, include it in your recipes or use its juice and pulp for sauce in a recipe, a good trick is to use the juice to soften the meat.
Either way, the first thing is to peel it and that is why we have provided you with this method, so that you stop complicating your life.

Steps to peel a pineapple

1. It is important to select a good pineapple, its flavor will depend on it. To make sure it’s the correct pineapple, sniff the base, it should give off a slightly sweet scent. Another tip to keep in mind if you want to peel the pineapple in a simple way, is to look for one that has intense green leaves and an orange body. Press the peel with your fingers to check that it is ripe.

  • This step is optional, some people wash the pineapple rind and let it dry before preparing it to make it easier to peel.

two. To peel the pineapple, place it on a cutting board and grab a large enough sharp knife. Lay the pineapple on its side and while with one hand you hold the base with the other you cut the stem of the leaves. Hold it tight so it doesn’t roll away.

3. Hold the pineapple again, this time for the part you just carved and cut the base in the same way. Don’t cut too large a chunk, as you would throw away much of the fruit.

Four. Once you have cut the two ends of the pineapple, stand it up. Now, to peel the fruit, you must cut the peel into strips, from top to bottom. You can cut them small or large, it will depend on the thickness of the peel and how you want the pineapple. To carve the strips, hold the pineapple by placing your fingers on the flat top to avoid cutting yourself. It is important that you be careful and do not place your hand in front of the knife.

5. You already have the peeled pineapple! If there are black spots left on the piece and you want to remove it, you can with a potato peeler.



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