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How to know if an egg is bad

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How to know if an egg is bad or not you can find out by determining the freshness of these. All you have to do is follow one of the four methods below to find out.

How to know if an egg is bad

Method 1: Place the egg in water and watch.

The age and freshness of an egg can be determined by placing an egg in a container of water. Fill a cup with enough water so that you can see if the egg is submerging, bottoming out, or floating.
There is a small pocket of air inside the eggs and over time, more and more air is coming through as it passes through their porous shells. As there is more air in the egg, it causes the egg to float more.
If the egg lays at the bottom of the bowl horizontally, it is at its peak of freshness.
If the egg lays at the bottom of the cup vertically, it means that it is aging, but it is still safe to consume.
If the egg is floating, it is not a fresh egg. This does not necessarily mean that it is rotten or dangerous to consume. You should test the freshness of the egg by breaking it and looking for signs that it is rotten.

Method 2: Gently shake the egg and listen.

As the egg ages and moisture and carbon dioxide escape through the shell, the yolk and white begin to dry out and shrink. Also, the air bag gets bigger. A larger air pocket gives the egg more room to move inside the shell and create a splashing sound.

This second method consists of taking an egg from the fridge and holding it to your ear, shake it gently and listen.
A fresh egg is not going to make a sound.
An egg that is less fresh will make a different splatter / noise sound. It is best not to consume this type of egg.

Method 3: Break the egg and observe the color and appearance of the yolk and white.

This method allows you to determine the freshness of the egg by observing the yolk and white.
Notice if the egg appears to spread a wide distance on the plate or if it remains relatively compact. An egg that spreads or appears a little watery has a thin white and has passed its peak of freshness.
If the yolk is flat and breaks easily, the egg is old.
If the yolk moves easily, this means that it has become weak and the egg is aging.
Look at the color of the egg white. A cloudy white indicates a very fresh egg. A clear white means the egg is older (but still edible).

Method 4: Break the egg and notice if it smells bad

This is the best way to know if an egg is bad or not. When broken, it gives off a pungent odor that you will notice right away. you should throw the egg away immediately to avoid tricks.

Now that you know 4 methods of how to know if an egg is bad, do not risk getting sick or catching diseases such as salmonella and stay alert whenever you eat eggs.

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