How to Improve Productivity: Benjamin Franklin Technique

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In this article by Effective Mode We have set out to live a typical day in the life of one of the most prolific and effective scientists, inventors, and thinkers in human history, the American Benjamin Franklin. In this article we are going to share your great secret to improve productivity.

Benjamin FranklinThroughout his 84 years of life, he had time to create a large number of inventions and at the same time be one of the founding fathers of the United States, but how did he do it?

How to improve productivity the Benjamin Franklin way

One of the great secrets of your success it was something as simple as a daily plan, a ritual of habits and tasks that turned their day to day into an effective routine and all this without ceasing to live and enjoy life.

For that reason, from Effective Mode we have wanted put ourselves in Benjamin’s shoes and spend a day of our life using his method and thus be able to see how effective it can be.

Benjamin Franklin Productivity
Benjamin Franklin daily planner

A day in the life of Benjamin Franklin:

5 AM-8AM: Starting the day well is key to getting the most out of it

Getting up early is important to have productive mornings. Questions are very powerful tools, and Sir Benjamin was well aware of this. For this reason, I always started the day wondering: What can I do well today? What can I achieve and be proud of?

Being decisive and considering the objectives of the day in advance and going for them, is a characteristic of effective people. The best way to achieve what you propose and improve productivity daily from the first hour.

8 AM-12PM: Focus on your most important work. Work like there’s no tomorrow

No Facebook, no cafes, no distractions, just the maximum concentration on getting the job done that you have proposed and in getting closer and closer to meeting the objectives.

It is clear that today we live in a time where the ability to maintain concentration is diminished due to the large amount of external stimuli that we receive. However, getting the maximum amount of time focused on a task and avoiding distractions can exponentially multiply our productivity.

Techniques such as pomodoro and others that we have already talked about or will talk about in Effective Mode will help you achieve it.

12 PM-2PM: Learn something new every day.

Not everything is going to be working without rest, there comes a time when we need to stop and regain strength to be productive again later. This also helps us improve productivity. However, that does not avoid the fact of having to waste time reading things that do not add any value to us. You have wondered how much time in our life we ​​spend reading and watching news (politics, sports, …) that do not contribute anything to us.

Benjamin Franklin spent those rest time reading and continuing to nourish himself with information that allowed him keep learning and grow intellectually.

Why don’t you change what you do in that moment of rest and instead of gossiping on Facebook you start reading an interesting blog? 😉

2 PM-5PM: Finish what you’ve started.

How many of the goals you had set for yourself when you got up in the morning have you achieved? Check the list again and try get the maximum possible number of tasks. Try to improve yourself every day.

The goal is not to extend the time and go home late, but to work much more efficiently during the time you dedicate to it, finish earlier and be able to feel proud of what you have achieved.

5PM -10PM: Find time for yourself and the important people in your life.

Reward a productive work day with what you love to do the most.

After a hard day it is important learn to disconnect and not take your work home. For that the best way is to know how to enjoy your hobbies and spend time with your friends and family.

Last but not least, end the day with an exam:

What have I managed to do well today? What am I proud of? “

Ask yourself this question before going to sleep, review the most important moments of the day and be grateful for the good things that have happened to you.

Carrying out this ritual may seem complicated, but if you look at Benjamin Franklin, he did not dedicate more than eight hours per day and yet he became an important scientist and inventor capable of devising the lightning rod or bifocal lenses.

B. Franklin demonstrating the electrical nature of rays

Do you dare to give Benjamin Franklin’s plan a try and become a much more effective person? If you do, do not hesitate to share it with us through our Social Networks.

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