How to find a business with potential for the future

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Entrepreneurs have always existed, and thanks to them we have been able to enjoy multiple companies and inventions that have made our lives easier. However, publicizing an idea has always been a complex task, which is why many creative people have been halfway to creating their business. Nowadays, thanks to new technologies, endless possibilities have arisen, since the Internet connection gives us the opportunity to reach a wide audience easily. With this in mind, here are some key factors that can be decisive in developing an innovative idea.

Mobile apps

If we pay attention to our surroundings, we will realize that the mobile phone has become essential for most of the people around us. A decade ago, its main function was to make and receive calls, but today it is used as if it were a small computer. So that, following the line of books like The Lean Startup Method: how to create successful companies using continuous innovationby Eric Ries, we can take advantage of the rise of smartphones to create a new business.

One possible idea is to develop an application, since this would allow us to select from a wide range of topics. In order to develop a successful one, it is essential to detect what the needs of society are and therefore what could be of interest and be useful. An example is the creation of an app to relax in an original way, such as Tayasui Color, which allows the user to disconnect from their routine by coloring elaborate drawings. Another option could be an application to exercise in an entertaining way and without leaving home, such as 7 Minute Training, which condenses exercises into a few minutes.

The potential of eSports

A study carried out by the WINK TTD agency states that 69.2% of the population plays some type of video game, which shows that this type of entertainment is experiencing a golden age. Therefore, raising an idea for the gamer public can be an excellent option. It should be noted the relevant success of electronic sports, which include titles of the stature of League of Legends, which even has its own comics. Various tournaments are held around the world where professional players put their skills to the test in these games, winning millionaire prizes.

Some professional athletes, such as Gerard Piqué or Zlatan Ibrahimovic, have opted for eSports, as have soccer teams like FC Barcelona, ​​which have a PES video game team. Such is the popularity of eSports, that brands like Corsair sponsor teams of professional gamers, and even bookmakers have included championships on their platforms. An example of this is Betway, where you can find tournaments like EPICENTER from CS: GO and bet on teams like Vitality, with a share of 3.20 as of November 29, 2019. Also, Burger King, the famous fast food chain, signed a contract with the X6tence team in April.

The charm of the familiar

In addition to taking into account the factors that favor the success of a business, it is also important to think about your own well-being and propose an idea that we can combine with other obligations. This is one of the keys to millennial leaders, who must also be able to collaborate with other entrepreneurs. Therefore, if you live abroad, for example in Japan, you can create a project that brings the Japanese country closer to the Spanish. Examples of this are agencies with tourist guides or youtubers from Spain who narrate in videos what their life is like there and what the differences are with respect to their native country.

Finally, it must be taken into account that an infinite number of ideas can be imagined that could work, but it is essential to consider whether they are viable with the resources that we have or not. In the case of putting them into practice and having a team, you can also follow the example of companies like Google and Facebook, which have known how to motivate their employees with original details and have achieved success.

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