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How to clean shrimp in a simple way

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Shrimp are a typical food on our tables but who has to cook them knows that it is not easy to clean them if you do not know how. We have all been “fighting” with a shrimp to get that happy vein that breaks easily and is very sticky. Quiet @! Next I will teach you how to clean shrimp

But wait! Have I told you about the benefits of eating shrimp?

Shrimp are high in vitamin D, omega-3 fatty acids, selenium, B vitamins, zinc, and phenylalanine. All these components have many benefits for the body, such as omega-3 fatty acids to combat related diseases with heart and cardiovascular system problems or as selenium that helps keep cancer and other degenerative diseases such as hypertension and diabetes at bay.

Now yes! Let’s see how to clean this delicious and healthy food

How to clean shrimp

Remove head

This is the easiest step and one that everyone does, even the smallest of the house. To remove the head of the shrimp, hold it by the center of the body and tear off the head. Many people throw their heads but keep in mind that they can be used to make broth or other dishes.

Peel the shell

First of all tear off all the legs of the shrimp. Sometimes when removing the legs the shell is also removed, if this is not the case, peel the shell using your hands. Removing the tail is optional since depending on the recipe we will need it.

Devein the shrimp

With a very sharp knife, make a cut in the back of the shrimp starting from the part where the head was until the end of the tail.

Once the cut is made, you can easily see the vein and can remove it with the tip of the knife. If the vein breaks, don’t worry, take out what you can with the knife and the rest with cold water.

I leave you a video in case you want to see the process in a more visual way.

Now that you know how to clean shrimp, take advantage and binge on this delicious food!

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