Evaluate superiors? Now it’s possible with GoWork

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Thanks to globalization and the dizzying speed with which information travels through the Internet, the job search is not only defined by employment sectors or salary ranges, but also The experiences of people with their superiors or on the work environment in general who have worked in a certain company that we would like to apply, play a fundamental role in decision-making: people want to know what the superior-employee relationship is like, what the organization’s climate is like and what are the benefits or added value that said company and said work can bring to their lives.

Evaluate superiors? Now it’s possible with GoWork

A different opinion:

To know this information, it is insufficient to consult the web pages of the companies to which you want to apply due to a simple conflict of interest: Is it really a good employment option, as the “testimonials” sections depict it? The vision that a company offers of itself will never be negative, that is not a way to sell itself, which is why we are inclined to think that The best way to access the information we need from opinions about a certain organization is through a space with freedom of expression and that provides us with the most objective possible vision., that is not restricted by personal interests. fulfills this function: it is a web platform in which anyone can express their opinion about their employers and the work experience in general with a company in a practical and anonymous way. If the company or the person you are looking for and occupies a certain supervisory position is registered here, you will have free access to the opinions of employees about them, confirming if their work environment is really as pleasant as they count or if the benefits are as good as they look .

Why In figures

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This portal not only has the advantage of being an impartial and safe space in which to express opinions about employers, but it also has the support offered by:

  • His presence in the 5 continents.
  • A reach of more than 3 million people.
  • A consolidated platform available in more than 20 language versions, multiplying their freedom of access and inclusion.
  • An organization that has 2,000 male and female employees who work to bring you timely information on the job market every day.
  • More of 65 million posts with opinions about companies and employers.
  • And more of one million companies who trust the objectivity of the platform and collaborate to collect information only in Spain.

The ideal place to train, recruit and find employment is the largest job market platform in Poland and it has great importance in Spain. In addition to fulfilling your basic objective and providing relevant and objective information about employers, It also fulfills the functions of publishing job offers of registered companies and recruiting, with more than 90,000 job vacancies to date.

Its offer of more than 300 courses and trainings have earned it the use of its services by more than 57.5 million people and the total reach of the site, thanks to its diversity of languages, is no less than 2.8 billion people. Almost 40% of the world’s population! Which benefits not only Internet users who are looking for the best job options but also companies that need the best talent worldwide.

More about GoWork

In addition to the benefits we’ve mentioned so far about GoWork, such as access to factual information, training opportunities, recruiting, and posting job offers, this platform also allows you to combine its functions of consultation on opinions with search of vacancies, so that you can access the best job offers from companies with the best ratings from their employees.

Another point in favor is that this web portal It also has a blog for you to keep abreast of trends in the job market, update on labor regulations, curiosities about work in the world, studies, tips to attend a labor company, valuable data for your day-to-day work, etc. All thought based on your being part of the GoWork community to get first-hand truthful information.

And you? What are you waiting for to join the GoWork community? Sign up and start sharing opinions about your employers, register your business to build a reputation on the web, or find your ideal job today.

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