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Cleaning and disinfecting your barbecue grills with onion

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We know that you love barbecues but that you possibly hate the process of clean the grills where the meat is made. In this article I want to tell you about a trick that I have already used on a few occasions to clean my barbecue with a very effective and tasty result.

For this trick we only need one onion. We cut this onion in half and when the barbecue is on and the grills are very hot, we rub the onion over the area we want to disinfect and clean.

clean barbecue with onion

By sliding the onion through the grills, you not only remove the remains of food and rust stuck, but also disinfect thanks to the disinfectant properties of the bulb of this plant. When you have finished rubbing the onion, throw it on the fire, the smoke from the onion will give a delicious flavor to the meat.

I hope you liked this natural and delicious way to clean barbecue grills without using chemicals. Share this article with your friends and schedule a barbecue on your agenda! Remember also that you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Google +.

Picture: Don LaVange

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