Blackboards and Post It to improve your organization: we tell you how

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Today in Effective Mode we are going to talk to you about an issue that worries us all and that makes us lose our minds trying to solve it: how to improve our organization on a day-to-day basis to be able to cover not only our responsibilities but also our leisure time and interests. We will tell you how you can get the most out of two tools that will undoubtedly help you organize yourself: the white board and the post-its. Read on to find out how they can boost your productivity!

Advantages of combining whiteboard and post it to improve organization

Advantages of combining whiteboard and post it to improve organization 2

Although organization may seem a simple task a priori, we soon realize that this is not the case, especially in the society where we live. The organization depends largely on discipline and willpowerBecause yes, stopping procrastination is a matter of decision. How many apps and digital tools have you tried so far to get organized? Surely many, and surely none have worked for you because you are not focusing on the correct method. And that is why today we want to talk to you about something much less technological but much more efficient: the power of the post it and the white boards.

Surely you know them, but, just in case, we tell you that the post it are small papers of different colors and sizes that serve as notes and that have stickers so that we can hook them on the surface that is most useful to us (in our agenda, in the fridge, on the computer screen …). Many use them as a reminder note, but, if we know how to take advantage of them and combine them with a large enough surface (such as a white board), they can become a great method to organize ourselves.

Why combine a white board with post-its?

Advantages of combining white board and post it to improve organization 3

Like post-its, blackboards have always been a very helpful tool for everyone, since They allow us to expose in a more visual way any topic or information, organizing our ideas in a clearer way. Without a doubt, the blackboards of today are not the same as those of a few years ago, in which I could only write with chalk, releasing dust and emitting noises that are certainly unpleasant for our ears.

Over time this changed and current models allow us to use markers of different colors, and write in a more fluid way. With the use of the blackboard we can organize ourselves better when working and finding solutions to problems or questions, in a faster and more comfortable way. We can write and erase in a simple way, and with the post it we can write down all those ideas that come to us and that are really important.

Advantages of using whiteboards

1. Easy to clean: Unlike chalk boards, on the magnetic board the marker or marker does not leave a trace, and is cleaned in a more comfortable way, without giving off any residue or leaving an annoying odor.

two. Typing comfort: Due to the material with which they are made, they allow us to write in a more comfortable and fluid way, the lines are lighter and we have a wide range of colors in markers to make the information that we are going to show more visual and beautiful.

3. More readable: the new models of blackboards have something in their favor and that is that they do not reflect light as the old blackboards did, which bothered us when capturing the information, but this no longer happens because the current models have improved this .

Advantages of using post it

1. Versatile: one of the things we like the most about post-its is that they are very versatile. That is, we have no limitations when it comes to writing or the use that we must give them.

two. Precise: Due to the small size of the post-its, they force us to write precise information, thus delimiting our thoughts and organizing our main ideas.

Outstanding the ease of using both tools, you can imagine their wide possibilities to help you in your daily organization. You may create an activities calendar on your board, and mark the most important activities or tasks on the board with post-its. You can also use the board to make a to do list and do a check for each completed task. Or create reminders with post it that you can discard once you complete the task.

Best of all, they are both tools that you can use with other people, so that allows you to democratize information and ideas. So do not get paralyzed, because perhaps yours is the visual, so look for your white board and post it at once, which is also very easy to get them from the comfort of your home. 🙂

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