A master’s degree in management opens the doors to any professional

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Mastering the knowledge of business management and administration is the step to change the profile of a graduate to that of a potential leader. There are several branches to explore, from the management and organization of industrial or service projects, to more innovative aspects such as cybersecurity.

A master’s degree in management opens the doors to any professional

A master's degree in management opens the doors to any professional 2

Doing a master’s degree in business management and organization can be the start of a prosperous career in business. These master’s degrees are aimed at university graduates in all areas who want to master the organization, increase their chances of getting a job, as well as being a successful professional.

Those who enter these training programs acquire the necessary preparation to take business leadership positions, the training can last from nine months to three years. Barcelona has become one of the most popular cities in Europe for this type of academic training.

To choose between Masters Management Barcelona The ideal is to be well informed about the objective to be achieved, since there are several courses from which to choose. The idea of ​​creating this type of specialization in the area of ​​business and company management is to give more opportunities for college graduates who have not had the option of gaining experience and compete with more tools in the labor market, making the curriculum more attractive.

Varied field

It is possible to choose between different masters such as: Business Management and Organization, to acquire skills in order to lead teams in different areas; Management of Industrial Projects and Services, in order to manage projects from a general vision; or those related to the management of projects and technological or production services.

There are also novel options such as a Master in Cybersecurity, on Blockchain technologies, or the design and management of the video game industry.

Now it is possible receive financial support or loans of the center that issues these courses so that both undergraduate and master’s degree students, postgraduates and training courses can complete their journey. Discounts for disability or professional associations are also offered, as well as it is possible to take advantage of job boards and agreements.

A very popular destination

In recent years, Barcelona has become one of the most sought after destinations for undergraduate, postgraduate or master’s degrees, both in Spain and Europe, due to the open and cosmopolitan nature of the city.

Several of the most relevant business schools in Europe operate in BarcelonaTherefore, considering a master’s degree in management or management (management) is an excellent option. According to data from the Catalan Institute of Statistics, the enrollment of Barcelona university students in 2018 was 208,000; while 43,594 thousand were enrolled in official master’s degrees, both in public and private institutions.

The fact of choosing Barcelona as the place to study a master’s degree does not imply that the language can be a limitation, since most of the training programs are given in Spanish and some in English. Those who are not from Catalonia will have the opportunity to master another language, Catalan, which is an additional value in the business world.

A friendly city

Because Barcelona is home to many students there is a wide range of accommodation opportunities for both Spaniards and foreigners who are prepared academically. A good alternative is to locate a student residence, since it allows sharing with people with the same interests, most of them are cheap and comfortable; You can also share a flat to reduce accommodation costs.

Once installed, Another point to consider is mobilization And in that there is no problem in Barcelona, ​​since it has a complete transport network that runs through the city and the metropolitan area of ​​the Catalan capital, since it has a metro and bus service, as well as a tram to travel to surrounding areas, being another alternative the one to be able to mobilize in bicycle.

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