Throw a knife like a Navy Seal

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In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, the little novels that recounted the exploits of hard-working settlers, their struggles against the Indians and the raids of sheriffs, rustlers, bandits and cowboys, were very popular.

One of the most famous characters was the mythical Buffalo Bill and his circus, “Buffalo Bill’s Wild West,” with Indians, knife-throwers, wagons, and all the rest.

The figure of the Knife thrower, which combined temperance and aim towards the delights of the little ones who, when they returned home, tried on the trees of the forest the best technique to nail your little knives.

Unfortunately, at that time there was neither YouTube nor millions of people willing to share their knowledge, luckily for us, today we do have that and we can share this interesting video about the best technique to throw and nail knives, forks and any sharp targets.

Of course, try it only with adult supervision and nothing to get excited and try to practice at the same time. William Tell.

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