The Feldenkrais Method to Eliminate Stress Effortlessly

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The appearance of the Feldenkrais method in recent years has been a great advance in eliminating and reducing stress.

Eliminating and reducing stress has become one of the main concerns of today’s society. And the emergence of the Feldenkrais method in recent years has been a breakthrough.

Technology has many advantages, but it also keeps us trapped in a spiral of constant activity: working longer hours, being on the phone at all times, reducing our sleep hours to be able to watch that Netflix series that has us hooked, eating fast to be able to go to the gym, take our children to school …

And as a result of all the stress, the disease of the 21st century.

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The stress It is one of the main responsible for many conditions that we suffer today: cardiovascular, digestive and neurological, among others. But also, decreases our quality of life and individual efficiency. Furthermore, happiness itself is incompatible with stress.

Tips to reduce stress

The main thing is to prevent, so following the following tips can avoid reaching a situation of stress that is harmful to your health. Among the most prominent tips by the medical community we usually find:


The best method to avoid stress and at the same time enjoy a healthy life is the practice of regular sports. Regardless of the discipline you choose, and not the level of intensity, if you practice sports you will appreciate it. And if running is your thing, here are some tips for run properly.

To sleep

Sleeping a minimum of 6 to 8 hours a day is the best way to combat stress and also improve your mood in the morning. And if you suffer from insomnia, from Modoeficaz we recommend the 4-7-8 technique to fall asleep in a minute.


Eating has a lot to do with how we feel, and healthy eating can prevent stress. In recent years there has been the intermittent fasting diet, as a good way to reduce stress.


Meditation has become fashionable in recent years, and there are numerous studies showing how it helps reduce stress in addition to many other benefits.

The Feldenkrais method

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But sometimes, no matter how many you follow these tips, there are situations in our life where it is impossible to avoid stress.

This is where the appearance of the Feldenkrais method has been a new method whose popularity has exploded in recent years.

The Feldenkrais method is a very practical way to rediscover how our body works, and how movement is essential in our life.

The Feldenkrais method does not require breathing, eating, drinking, or much more exercise. It simply consists of being more aware of how our body interacts with its surroundings and how to learn to respond to stress in a different way.

The method was developed by Moshe Feldenkrais, an Israeli physician, mechanical engineer, and martial arts expert. Dr. Feldenkrais suffered a knee injury that prevented him from walking. However, thanks to his knowledge of movement mechanics, he developed a series of exercises that allowed him to teach his body an easier way to move.

«After the first class I already realized its potential. When I realized how to let my movements flow in a slower, more elegant and harmonious way, everything made sense. »Responds one of the people who has attended one of your practical classes.

The first step is to be aware of our movements, since by paying attention and being aware of our movements, we realize how we move and that other ways we can perform the same movement.

Why is it so important to be aware of my movements?

Because each person has a different way of moving, based on different unconscious patterns, and that way of moving is what allows them to relate to the world and respond to those negative stimuli that cause our stress.

And by being aware of these movements we can avoid unnecessary muscle fatigue, joint pain, even relieve our nervous system, the main victim of our stress.

Benefits of the Feldenkrais walking method

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The main benefit of the Feldenkrais method is to reduce stress, but it is not the only one, since it improves the quality of posture, flexibility and coordination. In addition to preventing and solving back problems, joints, muscles, …

The method is not a therapy, but is an alternative way so that our nervous system can respond better to stressful situations and therefore helps us reduce and combat stress.

The Feldenkrais method can be practiced by all types of people, regardless of their age and even with limited mobility or chronic pain.

On YouTube you can find explanatory videos with some of the movements to practice, but if you really want to see immediate results, we recommend that you consult a professional to guide you throughout the process.

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