The 5 benefits of sleeping naked

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We spend a large part of our lives sleeping, it is therefore interesting to find out what the better conditions so that our rest is greater. The eternal question in this area is not: Hard mattress or soft mattress? but to sleep clothed or sleep naked? Both options have their pros and cons but in today’s article we are going to tell you some of the advantages of sleeping naked.

Everyone tends to have a preference when it comes to the clothes used to sleep. Sleeping in underwear, sleeping in pajamas, sleeping in a nightgown, or sleeping without clothes. Which is yours? Maybe if you discover the advantages of sleeping naked go to the “dark side” if you weren’t already there.

The advantages of sleeping naked

1. Help your skin

There are parts of your body that are constantly under cover. Sleeping naked helps your skin to “breathe” and become oxygenated, something important especially if you wear tight or not very breathable clothes during the day. Sleeping naked and giving your skin a break can avoid dermatological problems such as those derived from fungi and bacteria since these reproduce better in warm and humid areas.

2. It is more comfortable

The comfort of sleeping naked is unmatched. Pajamas roll up, tighten and trap us, especially if we are one of those people who move a lot while they sleep. To illustrate this point, I leave you with a humorous monologue of Luis Piedrahita which deals in depth with the discomfort of pajamas.

3. It is beneficial for your private parts

If you are a man, sleeping naked will help you “cool” your testicles and therefore improve the quantity and quality of your sperm. In the case of women, nude sleeping conditions help to prevent fungal infections. As we have already explained, fungi grow better in warm and humid areas, the cooler and less humid the environment is, the less possibilities of this type of affliction.

4. Helps you be more productive

If you are one of those people who find it difficult to “activate” in the morning, add sleeping naked to the list of 7 morning habits to be a more productive person. When you wake up in the morning you will no longer have an excuse to walk around the house in your pajamas. Failure to remove pajamas is a proven procrastination mechanism.

5. The touch makes the affection

If you and your partner sleep naked, the chances of “skin-to-skin” rubbing are significantly increased. When people hug and touch, oxytocin levels increase. Oxytocin is considered the «love molecule»Since it is one of the hormones responsible for generating this feeling in humans. In addition, this type of contact can lead to an improvement in the sexual life of the couple.

And you, how do you sleep? Give us your opinion on this topic

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