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More and more Spaniards buy a Smartphone, according to the online statistical portal Statista, affirms, in its latest study, that 92.5% of citizens have a smart mobile phone service, which allows them to be connected from any part of the world.

Likewise, according to the report carried out by the social network management platform, Hootsuite, it indicates that internet consumption, in Spain, increased by 85%, highlighting; managing their e-mails (84.6%), instant messaging (79.2%), and social networks (71%) according to the Internet Surfers Network (AIMIC survey).

Android 10: Know the news that will come to your phone

Android 10: Know the news that will come to your phone 1

For this reason, the technological boom, in mobile telephony, is conquering the expectations of thousands of citizens, because with the favorable growth of the digitalization era, it is that Spaniards can solve their problems quickly and cheaply, because today, there are a series of apps, with multimedia, interactive and effective content applied to real life cases.

Likewise, the expansion of the smart phone network and the new needs that are discovered in users, the technological giants are improving their products, providing them with new functions that facilitate the use of the Smartphone and allow to have a more pleasant experience at all times of the day.

This is how the Android 10 operating system was born, thinking of all the people who need a device that makes it easier for them to manage their daily tasks at home, school or work from wherever they are and instantly, because routine and stress almost consumes them all day and having a smart virtual assistant would improve your quality of life.

The novelties of Android 10 are specifically focused on improving privacy, since the user can deactivate the personalization of ads that generates discomfort and discomfort during navigation, in addition to the Android 10 allows you to set the time limit on apps, since the system is linked to the Wellbeing application, which blocks the application until the day after it is used.

On the other hand, the famous operating system is also designed to facilitate the lives of populations with hearing problems, since in Spain there are 1,064 cases of hearing impairment that represent 8% of the inhabitants according to the National Institute of Statistics .

This is how it has subtitles in real time of live content (video calls) and videos automatically and without an internet connection, as it is a function implemented in the system itself. ZONATECH, stated that “Android 10 is the beginning of a new era in human history, because with each improvement, in its functions, artificial intelligence is reached, to become a personal assistant 24 hours a day, efficient and lower cost ”.

In addition, he adds that the first lights of personalized assistance, is already being offered by google, as it contains an application, google assistant, which recommends easy access routes, service inquiries, products, places or events recall that allow to alleviate the burden of stress from thousands of Spaniards, improving their spirits and health.

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