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Instantly Increase Your Charisma With The ‘Spider-Man’ 3 Second Rule

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Okay, maybe Spider-Man is not the most charismatic superhero of all, and more if we compare him with the Iron Man of Robert Downey Jr. But what is clear is that Tom Holland has managed to give the character a point of charisma that his predecessors clearly did not have, especially Tobey Maguire.

Tom is a young actor, but that hasn’t stopped him from conquering audiences around the world with his charisma and sympathy. But what is your secret to winning over everyone? How can you always be so sure of yourself?

Now thanks to the team of Charisma Command, we know your great trick to increase your charisma instantly in any situation.

The 3 Second Rule

Surely you already know that body language is a very important factor when we interact with other people. Through body language our brain captures signals from the other person that condition our perception of them.

One of the key elements when it comes to improving our body language is improving our eye contact.

In an interview, Tom Holland explains how to instantly improve your charisma when you first interact with a group of people you just met.

Tom avoids at all times falling into the most common behaviors of looking at the ground, looking at infinity, or what is worse, looking at a single person.

With the “new normal” it is possible that our social life has been reduced slightly, but that does not mean that certain situations arise where our life increases. We have all met on more than one occasion.

Instead of doing what most people do, Tom Holland increases his charisma by looking at each person for 3 seconds. Start by maintaining eye contact for 3 seconds with one person, and then another, and then another, …

This gradual eye contact between the different people in the group allows you to create a bond with everyone in the group, increasing your attractiveness and charisma instantly.

Of course, keep in mind that this technique should be used when you are the person who is communicating to the group. It would be really weird to use this trick while someone else is talking 😛

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