How to survive the quicksand?

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I had always thought that quicksand was some kind of nature myth created by Hollywood. They appear in hundreds of movies, but … do they really exist? Investigating a ground on the subject I found that quicksand does indeed exist, and in fact it did not cost me too much to find news of people and pets that had been trapped in them.

With this article, readers of Effective Mode won’t die if they get caught in some quicksand. We hope you never find yourself in this situation, but if it happens to you, you will already know how to act.

Technique to survive quicksand

In the first place it is important to prevent this situation since it is not pleasant at all. In addition to the risk of being trapped and not being able to get out, the pressure that the sand exerts on our body when we sink to the chest can cause us to not be able to breathe.

Quicksand typically occurs most often near large bodies of water such as lakes, rivers, or even seas. The watery terrain with fine sands or clays is usually more prone to generate this type of effect.

Anyway, if we have not been able to avoid it and we have already got stuck we must follow a certain order to get out of the quicksand:

  • First we have to avoid getting nervous at all costs. That nervousness and fear can be the trigger for a much worse situation. Some cases of quicksand deaths have been caused by heart attacks.
  • Second we must try do not make sudden movements. When we make movements that are too sudden, we will tend to sink even more into the quicksand.
  • Now that we are calmer and we know that we cannot make sudden movements, we have to try lay on the quicksand. If we lie down, we will achieve a greater contact surface with the quicksand and, as happens in water, it will be relatively easier for us to float and we will stop sinking.
  • In this position we should try to ask for help, screaming all we can but without moving.
  • If no one comes to our aid, the next step is try to free our legs. This process is slow. We cannot try to release them quickly as we will achieve the opposite effect. To achieve this, we must continue lying on the sands and little by little, with constant force, lift our legs by levering our torso.
  • If you manage to free yourself you must drag you to dry land or to a point of support that allows you to leave the arenas definitively. To get out it is important to use the same logic that forced us to lie down: We must use the entire surface of our body so as not to sink any of its parts such as arms or legs.

Now that you have managed to get out of this traumatic experience, you only have the best part: Tell your friends about it! We leave you with a video in which they simulate the effect of these quicksand and how difficult it can be to get rid of them even when you have expert help.

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