How to make money thanks to the Internet

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The Internet is not just a place to search and find information and entertainment. It is also a great opportunity to earn money. Here are some of the options offered by the global network.

Monetize a YouTube channel

The success of Youtube it is beyond question. The video platform has become a world reference and in it you can find all kinds of videos. Make money with Youtube It is possible, but to achieve it you have to have a good volume of visits and monetize the channel.

How to make money thanks to the internet 2

Monetize a podcast

Not only the video has an infinity of followers. The podcasts Audio systems have grown a lot in recent years and are another great alternative to generate quality content and get an economic return from them. Podcasts, as with Youtube, can be monetized.

Sale of courses

Creating relevant online training courses and selling them allows you to make money and also helps to generate value on the web.

Sale of services

The Internet is like a huge bulletin board. In it, many people demand the services of others to meet their needs. In the same way, there are many others who offer their services: camera operators, babysitters, editors, dog walkers … the offer that there is is very wide. You just have to find the right niche.


Creating an electronic store is one of the best ways to get money thanks to the internet. A e-commerce It has the advantage that it does not require a physical location, but it does require having an attractive product for customers and a good online platform.

Writing and translations

The internet needs a constant content generation. For this, there are ways of writing original texts or translations of already written texts into other languages. English is, by volume, the most popular language, although not the only one. French, German, Russian, Chinese, Arabic …

Web designer

The Internet relies, to a large extent, on websites. And someone has to be in charge of creating and designing them. Although it is something that, based on work, dedication and many hours, everyone can do, not everyone has these three conditions to design them, so if you know how to do them you can get a good pinch by helping others to have a website.

Selling a web page

If you have a good, interesting website with a good volume of traffic, you can sell it to another person or company. Of course, creating a website with these conditions is not easy.

The office of community manager was born a few years ago and has become very popular. The social media They are a good showcase for companies and personalities, but good management requires a lot of time, especially when responding to interactions. If you handle yourself like a fish in water with nets, it can be a good job opportunity.

Online Surveys

The internet surveys They are very useful for companies to receive information and feedback on what they sell and / or offer. Many of them are paid. There are also websites that make a large number of surveys available to users in exchange for money.

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