Everything you need to know about security on your mobile

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There is something that we very seldom question, and it is the security of our mobile, Have you ever wondered to what extent is your mobile safe? Surely not, and that is why in Effective Mode we want to talk to you about this very important topic that very little is said about, but that is becoming more and more important. And you will wonder why, basically because our mobile is with us at all times, it even knows more secrets than our pillow, in it we have conversations, photos, videos, important documents, passwords, etc., and now with the advancement of our technology devices are capable of identifying our daily commutes, our most frequent places, our musical preferences, our favorite restaurants and many more. What if all this information fell into the wrong hands?

Everything you need to know about security on your mobile

Everything you need to know about security on your mobile

Mobile phones have become our safe, we all carry our personal information on them. What emerged as a simple device to communicate and start simple conversations through calls and text messages has ended up becoming our best ally. Thanks to technological advances, today’s smart devices are capable of doing just about anything to make life easier for us. Before, to locate ourselves we needed to look at the street or know the address, but that is no longer necessary, for that is the GPS location of each mobile. Knowing this, it becomes increasingly important to protect our device and especially our data, because with so much information flow, applications and hackers are doing their thing at all times. Let’s see what we can do to keep ourselves as safe as possible.

Browse incognito

One of the things that helps us the most when it comes to erasing as much of our browsing record as possible is browsing incognito on the web. Many mobiles have this option available in their search engines, and others do not, but you can always download a search engine such as chrome or firefox to use it.. Other people prefer to go further and for that they go to a vpn server which helps them navigate safer, without leaving traces, and with the option of accessing pages that perhaps are not available in your country. It even helps you keep your location safe, since you can choose the location you want to show and keep yours reserved. This is an incredible idea that you can put into practice.

Do not save passwords on your mobile

This is something that will cost us, because the truth is that it is easier for us to keep our most important passwords on our mobile, firstly because it is more practical, and secondly because we can have them on hand whenever we want. But although it is helpful to save them in notes or store them in the key ring of your mobile, the truth is that if you lose the device, or an intruder manages to gain access to it, your security and privacy will be at risk. Try as much as possible not to save the bank codes on your mobile, and if you can go further, avoid saving your social networks. This will keep you safer.

Everything you need to know about security on your mobile 1

Mobile access

Today there are many security options for mobile phones, from keys with numbers, letters or combined, fingerprint identification, patterns, face identification, among other things. Try as much as possible not to put simple passwords on your mobile, or combine several of these methods, such as fingerprint and password in numbersAnd you can even choose some apps that take a photo with the front camera, in the event that a person tries to enter your mobile and cannot because they do not know the password. What the application does is take a photo of the person after several unsuccessful attempts at the password. This will tell you later who tried to enter your mobile without authorization.

Reliable aps

And speaking of apps, Remember that not all apps because they are in the play store or app store are reliable, some fill your mobile with viruses, make them slower, and even violate your security instead of protecting you. So before installing any application it is preferable that you do some research and read some reviews both in the description of the download store and on the web, in this way you make sure not to give permission to any intruder to access your data so easily .

Location of your mobile

Sometimes we lose our mobile or get stolen, for those cases always have the location of your mobile activated, so you can know where it is and you can retrieve it more easily.

Secure networks

One of the things that makes our mobile more vulnerable are the networks to which we connect, especially when it comes to networks, because they do not have the necessary data protection for each user, and anyone can connect and obtain your personal information. That is why it is highly recommended not to do banking operations when connected to public or free networks, not even in hotel lobbies or shopping centers. It is preferable to wait to get home, and make the transactions more secure.

There are many ways to maintain security on your mobile, you just have to apply them to your day to day and be constant, because at the slightest oversight you can be exposed. Never let your guard down and always find out new ways to stay safe and protect your privacy. Tell us if you know other tricks for the security of your mobile, we want to read you.

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