Electronic waste, a serious environmental problem

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Technological advances bring with them multiple advantages that help to carry out the different tasks of the world population in a more comfortable and productive way. Going to a point, that, if some of those electronic devices were missing, many millions of people would feel a void so great that they could not cover it with anything like it. A few generations ago, nobody could imagine that a mobile application could send instant messages from one place to another on the planet, and now if one of these services suffers some interruption the world is paralyzed.

Electronic waste and its environmental impact

Electronic waste, a serious environmental problem 2

So much technology also has its negative side, directly affecting the environment and the sustainability of the planet for future generations. The production of electronic waste is the basis of a recent report by the online casino Betway, which due to the large amount of this e-waste produced worldwide, has become one of the main environmental problems on the planet today. .

The different supranational organizations must influence even more in raising awareness of this problem in society. The rate of e-waste generation by households and companies multiplies with each passing year. In 2017, 44.7 million tons of this electronic waste were generated, which is equivalent to the weight of all commercial aircraft built to date. To be more specific, 6 kilograms a year is what each citizen emits annually from e-waste, with China and the United States being the countries that contribute the most to this controversial figure.

The key so that the increase in technology consumption does not drastically affect the environment, is in recycling. Until now, only 20% of all the total discarded e-waste receives an optimal treatment for its elimination in places authorized for it. That percentage is very low if we consider the large amount of electronic waste that is disposed of without any concern.

For this reason, it is necessary for all citizens and leaders to be aware of the problems that this entails, to take immediate measures to vary this worrying drift.

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