Best Samsung cell phones in 2019

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Samsung is one of the leading brands in the market, both for household appliances and Android devices. Their cell phones are the best sellers in the world and their popularity is increasing. From the impressive power shown in its mythical Galaxy S3, Samsung has been characterized by always being at the top of technology and having a high quality in materials. The innovation of its Galaxy Note series also set precedents in the industry. Its most famous terminals have known how to respond to future needs, have been able to satisfy users. They are a safe purchase in mobile phone terms.

Best Samsung cell phones in 2019

Most famous Samsung sagas of the moment

Currently Samsung has greatly diversified the cell phone ranges it has to offer. In this way, users can purchase the device that best suits their needs. Of course, the price has also been affected, which helps that some models have become accessible for more pockets. On you can see the best cell phones of the moment of the brand.

Galaxy S

This saga was the one that launched Samsung to resounding success. Its power is the most characteristic, along with an AMOLED screen that guarantees the purest blacks. Of course, these terminals have the most advanced technology that Samsung can offer so far, in terms of power, design, functionalities and materials.

These are the most famous devices of the brand, so buying any of these is an acquisition that will last for several years, being considered one of the most powerful Android available on the market.

In case of looking for this, the Galaxy S10 in any of its versions is the perfect model. But if you don’t have enough money for this model, the S9 is still one of the most powerful cell phones today; it is evidence that it is a very good long-term buy.

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Galaxy Note

The Galaxy Note they differ from other terminals due to their large screen. From the beginning they turned out to be innovative because they were aimed at an audience that took advantage of a large panel and a stylus designed for the terminal with unique functionalities to date.

These are devices with a specific market, since not all users will know how to take advantage of the pen’s functionalities. As the average screen size has increased more and more, what was previously a disadvantage is no longer, which is why the Note’s have become more popular in recent years.

The Note 10 has very well achieved dimensions, which has made it a very manageable cell phone. It is the best terminal in this saga and the other pride of Samsung.

Galaxy A

They are the mid-range Android that Samsung offers. There is a wide variety of terminals that meet the demands of many types of users. For those who do not want the best technology of the moment but who are looking for great power, the Galaxy A saga responds to these characteristics. The glass and metal materials, and even some, maintain protection against dust and water, as in the Galaxy S and Note.

These are devices with which they can perform all the tasks on Android, even the most demanding of today. They are powerful enough to carry on with everyday functions and a little more for the next few years. Sure, it will no longer be possible to sustain excessive usage, but most users will not notice a drop in performance over average usage.

Since the variety of cell phones is wide, it can be confusing. What you have to do is look at the number next to the letter A. The higher it is, the device will have more power, the A9 being the top of this saga. That does not mean that the A10 is still a good option in terms of specifications.

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Galaxy J

This saga is the answer to less demanding users who only want a Android device for everyday activities. They are cell phones for basic use. They respond to a market that does not seek to shell out a lot of money to enjoy the benefits of a smartphone.

The predominant material is plastic, which greatly reduces the price of the device. Thanks to this, you have the advantage of being able to remove the battery without extra tools. Being 2019 cell phones, they are still updated in their Android versions, although they are low cost.

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