Advantages that the evolution of the Internet has brought to our lives

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If we could tell our great-grandparents about email, social networks, and that it is possible to do the week’s purchases from your cell phone, with an application, they would surely have believed that we were talking about science fiction. And is that relatively few years ago, the world worked in a completely different way. The distances were true and measured in kilometers, and our reality was limited only to what we could see and touch, to the world of the tangible.

Although its origin dates from the late 1960s, it is in the mid-nineties when the internet begins to break into our lives en masse, each time with more strength, more functionalities and more power of communication and connection. This phenomenon has come to completely revolutionize our way of living, communicating, consuming, and even falling in love. Next, we will see some of the advantages that the evolution of the Internet has represented for the modern world, and how it has been its impact on the quality of life.

Advantages of the internet in our daily life

Advantages that the evolution of the Internet has brought to our lives 2

  • Did you ever think about reconnecting with that friend from elementary school, whom you never saw again? The Internet, and specifically social networks, weave a digital swarm in which you can connect with almost anyone, no matter where in the world you are.
  • Access to information was completely transformed thanks to the use of the internet. It is no longer necessary to consult the dictionary or search for information in dusty encyclopedias. Just a click away you will find a universe of information, from the most diverse sources. Any topic that occurs to you to look for, you will surely find it on the web.
  • The internet has managed to reduce the need for physical presence, and this translates into a million possibilities in the business and corporate area. People from anywhere in the world can work together, connected through the internet. Business meetings and projects of different sizes can be developed thanks to the immediacy of communication.
  • Consumption has totally changed as a result of the massification of the internet. If you want to plan your vacation, most likely you no longer go to the travel agency. On the web is everything you need: tickets, articles about travel, hotels, tour services, etc. The same happens in almost any item: clothing, shoes, contracting services, food delivery. Everything is on your mobile phone.
  • The internet has also come to break many taboos, giving us the possibility of accessing products or services that perhaps we would not have acquired in the traditional way. For example, online sex shops have been a real discovery. If you are one of those who see a sex shop on the avenue and pass by, because you feel ashamed to enter, the cyber space solves this problem. A secure website, with all the privacy guarantees, and with the most innovative products and services, can help you fulfill fantasies that, without the web tool, might have remained only in your imagination. This is how the internet serves as a showcase through online sex shops, where you can explore and buy whatever you want.
  • The internet has also reshaped the way we view love. Both social networks and a myriad of applications designed for this purpose have encouraged the search for love from other perspectives. It is not necessary to pass each other in a bar or in a square, or to be introduced by a mutual friend. Now the web can be the setting where you meet the love of your life, and you can discover it in your city or across the ocean.
  • Do you remember the maps that maybe your father used to locate when taking a road trip? The smartphone totally replaced it. Whatever address you need to reach, your internet-connected phone will tell you how, what method of transport is convenient for you, and how long it will take to arrive.

And the downsides?

Advantages that the evolution of the Internet has brought to our lives 3

Of course, nothing is perfect, not even the internet! So it is important to encourage, especially in the new generations, its responsible use. The oversaturation of information that we find on the web makes it not so easy to find the most reliable sources. What’s more, cybercrime is the order of the day, so it is important that we look at the privacy patterns with which we use the internet.

From the social point of view, the addictive potential of the internet and its different tools is undeniable, to the point that it is common to see a family gathered around the table, without interacting, all concentrated on their cell phones. The tools that the internet provides us are of an amazing utility for today’s life. It is up to each of us to give it the best and most responsible use.

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