7 morning habits to improve productivity

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Are you one of those people who pull the Snooze button alarm clock every morning? Do you come to work with a zombie face and until you have a coffee you do not get active? In this article we propose 7 morning habits that will help you improve productivity of the rest of the day.

If you think you will not be able to carry this routine for a long time, do not worry, try it for 30 days and see not want to go back to your old routine. Go ahead, we start with point number one!

7 morning habits to improve productivity

1. Wake up 20 minutes before

It is proven that the performance of a person is much higher in the morning that night. Although it may be hard at the beginning, it is better to wake up every morning 20 or 30 minutes before, even at the expense of an earlier bedtime.

These 20 minutes can generate a great performance if harnessed effectively: get activate your body and your mind, have a more productive day and be a little happier. You can do some exercise, meditate on the objectives of the day and properly enjoy breakfast.

The University of Toronto conducted a 2013 study published by Emotion magazine that revealed that early risers report higher levels of satisfaction, wellbeing and productivity. This is because your biological clock adapts faster to social activities later.

And I already said our grandfathers: “The early bird God helps”.

2. Wake up to music

Morning is the part of the day in which our body is more prone to stimulation of our environment, which is why mornings are a good time to meditate, reflect and listen to music. Many studies show that listening to music has great benefits in our personal development.

Waking up every morning with music enhances the abstract reasoning, improves learning capacity and reduces anxiety. Almost all musical styles provide these benefits but instrumental music and classical music are best supported by studies from universities around the world.

3. Make your bed every day

Although it may seem trivial, make the bed every day is a very beneficial habit and can help us improve productivity. Mothers are not the only ones who believe this, the military bodies give witness to this and the first thing you do every morning.

And this makes logical sense, and this is how he explained at the University of Texas Admiral McRaven (Navy of the United States):

“If you make the bed every day, you are constantly waking up with a task accomplished. This brings a small sense of pride that will push you to perform the next task and the next after this “

At the end of the day, you’ll see how a small task completed it will become many complete tasks. In addition, making the bed, it reinforces the fact that the little things matter too “

Here you can see the video of the full Speech:

4. Prepare the clothes you going to wear the night before

One of the factors that make people procrastinate the most in the morning is not knowing what clothes they are going to wear that day. It makes us stay in bed longer than necessary, vagueando and turning the head about what we’re going to get. For this reason it is very important clothes ready the night before. You wake up and have no excuse to get dressed and start the morning with energy.

5. Do some exercise

If your body used to do some exercise every morning, the body will get used to prepare activated and for the day before the time when the alarm sounds. It is a key habit to improve productivity.

you will have a arouse less traumatic and more energetic. Hormones have prepared for blood regulation and pumping of the heart, thus also avoid cardiac complications.

And if that were not enough, you also have all the additional benefits that the exercise at any time of the day and you already know leftovers.

6. Relax and meditate on the tasks of the day

Having done some exercise, take 10 minutes, relax and think about the tasks you have to perform throughout the day.

Make a Mental prioritization or a checklist of daily tasks, will help you keep your goals in sight

Now that you’ve relaxed and organized, it’s time to shower, dress and take a healthy breakfast recharge you energy.

7. Do not turn the phone until after you’ve showered, dressed and breakfasted

You are ready to face a new day. You can turn on your phone and start your routine, you’ll notice you’re fresher, more energetic and eager to take on the world. Do not turn the phone so far because it is a source of distractions that will make you forget your goal.

Do not forget that you have already completed the first tasks of the day, now it’s just a matter of continuing completing tasks at the end of the day you will realize how productive you’ve been.

So do you dare to try this routine for 30 days? Do not hesitate! If you do, tell us your experience and tell us if you’ve managed to improve the productivity of your day. And if you liked this article, share it with your friends Facebook, Twitter or Google +.

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